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Perfect Posture: How to Stop Your Habit of Slouching


Many of you get stuck sitting at a desk for hours on end, whether it’s for work, school, fun, or all of the above. Or you might find yourself hunched over a book or your laptop. While you might not experience a lot of pain, your sitting posture could potentially be causing some issues. Maintaining a good posture not only benefits your physical health, but it improves your mood and increases your self-confidence. With that being said, try one of the following methods for improving your posture and see if it helps you.

Check Yourself Out in a Full-Length Mirror

If you’ve ever felt like the muscles in your shoulders, upper back, and neck were tight, it could have been due to your posture. Sometimes, you might not even realize that the tension is there until you look in a mirror. If you have a full-length mirror, this works the best. When you’re standing straight in front of the mirror, pay attention to which way your palms are facing. If they’re facing back behind you, chances are you have bad posture. Also, look at your shoulders and take note of how hunched up they are. They should be relaxed, and your neck should look long.

Sit Back in Your Chair without Reclining

When you sit in your chair, pay attention to how you’re sitting. Are you hunching over your keyboard? Are you reclining way back? Either of these two postures is not ideal. You should be sitting straight up with your back pressed up to the back of the chair, with your shoulders relaxed down away from your neck and ears. Get into the habit of checking in without yourself while you’re sitting down.

Get Up and Stretch

Get up and stretch as needed. Sitting for extended hours builds tension, so just taking a short walk to the bathroom can help. Make sure you stretch your arms and forearms too since those build a lot of tension during long periods of sitting. Additionally, you should check in with a chiropractor from a business like Fulk Chiropractic for regular adjustments, as this can help you loosen up extremely tight muscles and realign your spinal column.

Develop Your Core Strength

Improving your core strength can stop you from slouching. Practicing yoga for even ten or fifteen minutes per day can build core strength. Since yoga helps stretch your muscles and open up through your body, it is also great for relieving stress and tension. Eating core-building foods is also a great habit to make.

Change Your Shoes and Bags

If you normally carry a backpack or purse, be cautious of how much you’re loading into it. This places undue strain on the spine. Cross-carrying bags are a good alternative since they even out weight distribution. Also, make sure you’re wearing comfortable, supportive shoes. Those pumps might look cute, but they can destroy your posture.

Making just a few minor changes and checking in with yourself can help you perfect your posture. You might just find yourself feeling more relaxed, pain-free, and more connected with your breath.


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