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Passionate About Sports? 4 Athletic Career Options to Look Into


Over the years, sports have evolved from merely being hobbies or interests into actual career paths. From collegiate and professional sports teams to sports management agencies and sports marketing firms, the number of jobs available within the athletic industry continue to grow each year. Some of the happiest and most successful professionals have found careers in sports, because they are working in an area they truly care about. Below are four athletic career options to pursue if you are passionate about sports.

Sports Agent

For every professional athlete there is an agent working behind the scenes to close their deals, negotiate trades and salaries, and book promotional gigs. Almost all agents have a law degree so there is some additional legwork required outside of a basic degree, but it can be extremely lucrative depending on the athlete you represent.

Talent Scout

This is truly a dream job for many who choose it, because at the end of the day these scouts are paid to watch sports. It can be a very high stress job and can require a lot of odd hours depending on schedules, but for a true lover of sports there really is no greater job. These professionals are responsible for discovering new talent in any number of different sports.

Athletic Director

Elementary schools, high schools, and colleges alike all have athletic directors who are responsible for running their sports department. This includes a number of different responsibilities such as setting up all the teams’ schedules, hiring and firing personnel, and ensuring the teams live up to any and all academic and behavioral standards.


Whether you want to work with young kids who are just beginning their sporting careers, collegiate athletes hoping to pursue a professional career, or even professional athletes themselves, every age group and sporting event needs coaches. Coaches become more than just the person calling the plays – they become mentors, advocates, and trusted friends. Getting a masters degree in coaching can be one of the most intrinsically rewarding careers available within the athletic industry.

No matter what your sport of choice is or what facet of the industry you would like to pursue, there are countless opportunities available for you to work in sports. The careers can be extremely lucrative and there are many intrinsic rewards that also accompany the various positions. Sports are a big part of many people’s lives, and there is no greater type of working environment than when you can turn your passion into a career.


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