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All You Need To Know About Wrinkles


The law of nature says that when you are young, you wish to be perceived as older, and when you get to be old, you again wish to be – young. Each stage of your life has its side-effects, but whether you are young or not so young, you surely notice wrinkles. To most people, wrinkles are just a sort of pest they deal with on a daily basis, and to other, more fortunate, wrinkles are just like any other normal thing in life, like grey hair, or a new bike. No matter the type of people you belong to, here are some things you should know about wrinkles.


Wrinkles are defined as small lines or folds which appear on the surface of your skin as you grow older. Their development is the product of a natural process of ageing, and they usually appear on the parts of your body which are the most exposed to sunlight – for example, you face, neck, cleavage, the back of your hands, and the top of your forearms. Wrinkles generally fall into two categories: expressive/dynamic – which are caused by facial expressions (smiling, frowning, winking); and age-related/static – which are formed gradually, as you grow older and your organism stops producing natural substances which keep the skin elastic, smooth, plump and firm. Wrinkles are usually seen in the following areas of your face: forehead and frown lines, crow’s feet (at the outer corner of your eye), tear troughs, naso-labial folds and accordion lines, mouth lines and vertical lip lines.


There is a number of factors which can cause wrinkles. One of the main culprits can be heredity – which means that if your family is prone to visible wrinkles, the odds are that you are going to have them as well. This is related to skin type as well, because light-coloured people will be susceptible to sun damage, which thus causes wrinkles. Other factors include constant and unprotected sun exposure during both summer and winter months. Harmful ultra-violet rays can penetrate all levels of skin, thus damaging even melanin production (which protects your skin from the sun and ageing). Another factor is your lifestyle – if you lead an unhealthy life, this will show in your skin, especially in your face. If you are a smoker, and exposed to stress on a daily basis, then you are more susceptible to wrinkling than anyone else.

How to Help

Once the wrinkles have appeared, your struggle may be in vain. This is why preventive measures, which will stop them from occurring fast, have to be taken as soon as possible. Battling wrinkles mainly starts when you create habits, such as daily skincare routines – which imply cleaning and nurturing your skin from early twenties. Staying out of the sun in the ‘danger hours’ – from 10 am and 4 pm – when UV rays are the strongest, will prevent premature ageing, and even serious skin  damaging. Wearing sunscreen should also become a part of your daily skincare routine, and you will have to find sunblock which is suitable to your skin type. As it was mentioned before, if you are leading an unhealthy lifestyle – stop right now, start eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, cut down alcohol and stop smoking. Other ways of battling wrinkles include wrinkle treatments which can minimise and even remove wrinkles. These include retinoid treatments, antioxidants (which are found in carrots, for example), dermabrasion and laser resurfacing (for this treatment you can ask in a Penrith skin clinic). The newest trend in fighting wrinkles are wrinkle fillers, which only specialised dermatologists can perform on your skin. You can also read derma nova pro reviews, which is also very effective and recommended skin care product.


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