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Natural Looking Hair Transplant for Men


Nowadays Hair loss is very common problem which is encountered across the spectrum of age groups. It is increasing day by day due to many factors. People are going for available medications and treatments including both surgical and non-surgical so that they can attain their hairs as well as their personality back.


Let us first discuss some of the causes of hair loss:

There are many reasons of hair loss results into baldness. Some of the causes of hair loss are:

  1. Hereditary and Genetic – The genes you have inherited from your parents (family).
  2. Diseases – Include typhoid, malaria, viral infections, and many autoimmune diseases can cause temporary hair loss.
  3. Hormonal Factors – Imbalance of thyroid hormones or pregnancy.
  4. Medications – Include blood thinners, cancer related medicines, and medicines for arthritis.
  5. Traction alopecia.


At last, if you don’t take care of your hairs on regular basis you may suffer hair loss problem. Do not compromise with your healthy, balance diet.


Among the various treatments available, hair transplant is one such option which promises a permanent and natural looking solution to the baldness when it is indicated.


Before going for Hair transplant Surgery, you might want to know about the outcomes. The very first question which may arise is if it’s going to give you natural looking results or not. But the matter of fact is that no one can exactly predict about the outcomes as it also depends upon many things. However, with a few facts, one can have an advance idea about the same.


  1. If the surgeon uses 2 to 4 hairs per grafts about an average during the procedure then the possibility of hair transplant result will be much better.
  2. Higher the hair density of the donor area, fuller will be your hair transplant. Higher density means high number of hair follicles in each section of your scalp.
  3. Curly hairs provide more coverage area than straight hairs. But, if you are having curly hair, hair transplant surgery could be comparatively more challenging for your surgeon as compare to if you had straight hairs.
  4. You may be lucky if color tone of your hair and skin is similar. Your hair transplant will look denser.
  5. If the hair transplant is done with proper angulations and following the direction of the natural hair, then the result will be more natural looking.


An experienced surgeon follows certain protocols to avoid any complications in the surgery and strive for the desire result.


One can attain natural looking hair transplant result if keep in mind all above mentioned facts. Hair Transplant being a surgical procedure involved many pre-operative and post-operative instructions and if followed properly one can have the desired result. Hair & Senses is the leading clinic for hair transplant in Delhi NCR region providing complete solutions to the problem of hair loss, alopecia, female pattern baldness and hair fall.


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