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Muscle Tone: 4 Effective Exercises For Fine-Tuning Your Muscles


Staying in shape means more than just losing those extra pounds you’ve been hiding. Keeping your muscles toned is what gives your body that muscular and fit look. Today, we are going to take a look at four of the most effective exercises to help fine-tune the look of your muscles.


The Pushup

Yes. We are talking about getting down on all fours and doing the traditional push-up. There’s nothing sexy about this exercise, but it sure is effective at keeping your muscles looking toned. This simple exercise engages your back, chest, shoulders, core, biceps, and triceps.


Don’t worry if you can’t quite do a full pushup. There are many variations that make this exercise perfectly doable for the novice. A couple examples of the easier variations include wall push-ups and knee pushups. If you are skilled at doing regular pushups, try a harder variation. Some of the harder variations include elevating your feet or doing them with one hand.


Breaststroke Swimming

When your body is surrounded by water, instead of air, it has to work harder against the resistance. This makes swimming the perfect exercise to get you that extra toned look you are going for that the gym just can’t provide for you. The breaststroke is one ideal swimming exercise that will engage both of your arms in a rotation of pushing-and-pulling.


The toning doesn’t stop there either. Your abs, hips, lower back, and legs will become fully engaged when you are swimming. Your abs and back work to balance your core more efficiently when you go through the water. The side-to-side twists you utilize with each stroke will keep your hips moving as your legs are kicking. If you aren’t taking advantage of your gym’s pool, sign up for swimming classes. You’ll be glad you did.


The Squat

When it comes to an exercise that tones the whole body, look no further than the traditional squat. This exercise is considered a full body movement that hits every muscle group. Using a barbell and adding weight to the bar is a great way to make the squat more difficult so you can get better results.


Due to the nature of how the squat is performed, the legs get quite a workout. Your quads, calves, hamstrings, and glutes will be toned in no time. It’s recommended to complete 15 reps or less per set as this is the ideal range for muscle growth.


The Deadlift

Toning up your muscles is made more effective when you combine some weight lifting into the exercise. The conventional deadlift is one of those toning exercises that should never be overlooked. This is a compound body movement that engages a long list of muscles in your body. Some of these include the glutes, hamstrings, quads, lower back, upper back, abs, and obliques.


The deadlift is a great movement that will ensure you exercise a large number of your muscles in an effective manner that will get you in and out of the gym in no time. Many people try to spend too much time with isolation exercises that just focus on one muscle group at a time. That leads to a lengthy workout that can be hard to keep up with. Do yourself a favor and stick to the compound body movements like the deadlift and squat.


Keeping your muscles toned doesn’t have to be a chore. By doing these four effective exercises list above, you can be sure to hit every muscle group in your body all in one simple workout that won’t take all night. Remember that part of any successful exercise program is a well-structured diet that aligns with the goals you have for your body.


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