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Modern Healthcare: How to Improve Relationships Between Patients in Five Key Steps


Businesses trying to survive in modern times are forced to recognize the value of engaging and improving relationships with their clients. With so much of the world possessing mobile technology, learning to integrate marketing efforts on this level is also critical to a business’s sustained success. A medical practice is no exception to this rule. In fact, a medical practice is under an increased burden to improve relationships with their patients to ensure consistent patient loyalty over the long term. The following are five key steps a medical practice needs to take to improve relations with their patient-base.

Step 1: Destroy Old Patient Files

Eliminating and destroying old, irrelevant patient files is a critical part of improving relations with your medical practice’s patient-base. By getting rid of patient files of deceased patients, you ultimately cut down on wasting time trying to reconnect with patients that are no longer able to provide your medical practice with any level of meaningful business. The mere savings in time will translate to your efforts being spent on patients who truly matter to your business.

Step 2: Creating a Working Tickler File

The point of establishing a relationship with a patient is to maintain contact on a fairly regular basis. A tickler file will alert you to the fact that you have not had contact with a patient for a while. It is critical to access and call patients floating towards the top of your tickler file to maintain contact with your patients and to ensure that they are being offered the opportunity to make an appointment to benefit your patient’s routine health concerns. An electronic tickler file is best, provided that your electronic file is designed to make recommendations on when and why a patient should be contacted.

Step 3: Mobile Engagement and Feedback

With marketing progressively going mobile, a company like Solutionreach is able to help a medical practice utilize the power of the cloud to better engage its mobile savvy patients. Mobile marketing and feedback data will also help a medical practice to better understand how to engage their patient-base for optimal marketing success.

Step 4: Explain Procedures

To help a patient to appreciate your medical practice, it is important to always inform the patient as to what to expect. Many medical practices drop the ball in this area, which has a tendency to rub a patient the wrong way. To make matters worse, the patient will show up and not really understand what is supposed to happen. This lack of communication is a sign of a shaky relationship with patients that needs to be corrected in a meaningful and efficient way. Phone explanations and even written correspondence explaining procedures, outlining what the patient should bring with them to their appointment, is an effective way to communicate with patients better.

Step 5: Provide Excellent Service

There is nothing that will impress a patient more than superb service. When a patient is not forced to wait around for long durations and feels like the medical staff genuinely cares, this goes a long way towards a patient wanting to provide a medical practice with repeat business.


As you implement steps to improve how your medical practice relates to its patient-base, remember that your patients truly matter to the success of your business. Without patients, your medical practice would not be able to generate enough income to sustain itself. Any incentive you are able to provide to patients to improve how your medical practice relates to them is an investment in the future of your medical practice.


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