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Managing Weight during pregnancy


Most of women lose weight in the first & last trimester of pregnancy. This is notably common with obese women. But if one starts losing weight drastically, one must talk to  doctor. Much of this weight loss happens owing to morning sickness & digestion problems. So, while one may celebrate after stepping on the body fat scale & knowing that one has lose few pounds, the way one lose it is the main issue.

“I loved to take my time & not try to put so much pressure on myself, but it is hard. As per me,  one forgets every time one’s give birth, one wants one’s stomach to be flat again. It does take so much of work, but I often start slowly by going on walks with the child , “ Kourtney Kardashian

If one wants to manage one’s weight while pregnant, one has some easy tips on how to lose weight during pregnancy if one is overweight. If one follows these tips, one will stop extra weight gain, & maybe lose a few pounds as well. And all this without harming one’s pregnancy! Here is what one needs to do to manage one’s weight during pregnancy:

1):- Understand how many Calorie one Needs: As we have mentioned earlier, all pregnant women do not need to gain equal amount of the weight. So, one need to know exactly how many calories one should take. One should also talk to one’s doctor to get the exact number. “I have been doing the Atkins diet, but yeah, of course, I have my cheat days too”, Kim Kardashian. One does not need to follow low-carb diets like that of Atkins diet. Do not forget, Kim has an army of doctors to keep her safe & healthy, & most of other women who are pregnant, unfortunately, do not have such 24/7 service of such doctors.

2):- Eat Frequent, Small Meals: This is correct that when one wants to manage one’s weight, whether one is pregnant or not, eating frequent small meals helps so much in managing the portion size. This is notably useful when one is pregnant & eating a full meal makes one sick.

‘Generally, I try my best to eat healthy, but I have been eating much fast food because French fries calm down my stomach. They are my reward once in a while.’ Jana Kramer

3):- Take Prenatal Vitamins: This is what one’s doctor will prescribe anyway. But if one needed an additional reason to take one’s prenatal vitamins daily, then this is it! As one know, one body requires extra nutrition during pregnancy . If one wants to manage one’s weight & take in the nutrients without loading oneself with calories, take one’s vitamins! But this doesn’t mean that one should leave one’s usual meals & make do with supplements. One needs food, just not as much as persons would have one believe.

4):- Eat Healthy Food: Now that one know that one need to follow a proper diet, let’s find out what is healthy for a pregnant lady:

  1. Fresh fruits & vegetables.
  2. Cereals & breads made with whole grains.
  3. Low-fat milk and & products.
  4. Foods which are rich in folate such as strawberries, spinach, & beans.
  5. Unsaturated “good” fats such as olive oil, canola oil, & peanut oil.

However, there is also a long list of foods which pregnant should avoid to manage your weight during pregnancy. Here they are:

  1. Food which are laced with artificial sweeteners.
  2. Food & drinks which contain sugar or corn syrup.
  3. Junk food such as chips, candy, cake, cookies, & ice cream. It is okay to cheat once in a while, just do not make it a habit.
  4. Salt causes water retention in body. So, avoid adding salt to foods which you cook at home.
  5. Unhealthy fats such as margarine, butter, sauces, gravy, mayonnaise, & salad dressings.

“My diet & exercise habits — which make me feel great & earn my doctor’s approval — have made it so easy for me to lose the bulk of the weight which I gained during pregnancy. I can not promise my routine will work for you as well, but all I can say is it makes me feel superb & beats obsessing over each pound!” Hilaria Baldwin

  1. Exercise: Just because one is pregnant doesn’t mean one should stop working out. Working out is necessary if one wants to manage one’s pregnancy weight.

“I gave my six hours every day to a vigorous workout regime. I would do 25 minutes of cardio then half an hour of yoga,” Kate Hudson. But one must talk to one’s doctor before one plans one workout regimen. One needs at least 2 to 3 hours of moderate aerobic activity every weekly. Yoga, cycling walking, swimming, & dancing are great options.


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