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Losing your Baby Weight can be Fun


Dear new moms, since you’re reading this post right now, you are probably dealing with the same problem I faced last year- terribly frustrating baby weight. Well, what I want to say is that you shouldn’t worry at all. Now, you probably think that you will never, ever have some spare time for yourself, but that’s not true! There will always be a couple of hours for you, to spend them just as you want. I decided to spend mine on getting rid of the weight I gained and now, I would like to share my experiences with you.

Three months after I gave birth to a beautiful girl, I saw an article about a supermodel who regained her ideal weight in just a month. I was wondering whether it was even possible. I wasn’t even sure if I admired or hated her. That’s exactly when I looked at myself and realized that I need to lose some weight. Actually, I had to lose about 40 pounds.  On the other hand, after the entire day spent with my baby, I was so exhausted and the least thing I wanted to do was to jump or run. When I noticed that it was going nowhere, I decided to try out something completely new and, at the same time, fun. Soon, I started losing my baby weight and was having the time of my life.

Balanced nutrition

Although it doesn’t belong to my list of super-cool physical activities that helped me lose weight, I need to mention a couple of stuff I found out about nutrition. Namely, instead of starving ourselves to death and endangering both our and our baby’s health, we need to learn how to balance our diet. In order to achieve that, you could either visit your nutritionist or simply get informed and do it your diet regime on your own.


I did the first thing for I wanted to be completely healthy while breastfeeding. When the nutritionist did all the tests and prescribed the diet to me, I stuck firmly to it. So, I ate a lot of veggies, fruits, white meat, organic and gluten free food.  The only thing I needed to cut down was soda, fatty and fast food, as well as a lot of unhealthy snacks and sweets. Once I did that, my kilograms finally started melting!


I’ve never considered myself talented for dancing. What’s even worse, I hadn’t even tried to dance before. After the childbirth, I tried dozens of sports and gave them up in a couple of days. When my friend heard that, she decided to take me to her salsa classes. At first, I rejected her offer, but she was so stubborn that I finally needed to say yes. After my first couple of moves, I felt so silly and thought that everyone was laughing at me. But, then the faster rhythm began and I felt the magic of dancing. I must admit that, dancing is not just an activity, but the real art!

Later, I talked to my dietitian and he explained me that dancing is also a super-healthy habit that influences both your mental and physical health, by boosting your heart rate, regulating blood pressure, improving your self-esteem, tightening your body and, most importantly, helping you lose weight.

Martial arts

After the childbirth, I needed to completely recover and play safe. In order to make sure that everything is going to be absolutely fine, I took it easy and took up my dancing classes. Later on, when I completely recovered, I decided to try out something completely opposite- martial arts. No matter how hard it might look to you right now, nothing can compare with the enthusiasm and the adrenaline kickboxing or karate provides you with.


Believe me, after your first kickboxing class, you will feel like a super-mom! For me, it’s the best fitness class every! Such physical activities are beneficial for several reasons. First, they are so fun that you will never get bored. Second, they will activate practically every muscle in your body. Third, they improve the quality of your sleep. Finally, they will encourage you to think all the time and to be focused on everything around you by using all your senses.

All in all, these are just some amazing and fun ways for you to lose your baby weight. What’s most important, you choose whatever you like and finally let yourself enjoy while working out. So, unleash your inspiration, decide if you are maybe more of a yoga, jogging or trampoline fitness person and get started. Soon, you will find a brief way to relax, feel fit and most importantly, lose the unwanted baby weight that bothers you so much!



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