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Keep Moving: Six Ways You Can Stay Active After An Injury


Injuries can keep you from your normal workout routines for a few days or a few months. When injured, you do not have to be stuck on the couch. Staying active will help you get back to living your life. Here are six tips to keep moving when you are still recovering from an injury: 


Choose to participate in light exercises that are approved by your health care provider to increase strength and flexibility. Whether you go to physical therapy or start a routine at home, exercise can be beneficial after an injury.

Use Equipment

Make sure you have the right equipment to use while at home or out and about. This is important for your injury to heal properly. Whether you need a wheelchair or crutches, using the equipment your doctor recommends will be key in preventing further injury and will help you to stay active, say the experts at Medical For You.

Get Outside

As often as possible, get outside and enjoy fresh air. If you are able to go for a walk or spend time in the hammock, do it. Fresh air and sunshine are invigorating and getting out into nature will lift your spirits. If you are using a wheelchair, ask a loved one to help you out, or give your arms a workout.

Make Changes

Sign up for a yoga class, hire a personal trainer, or become active in your favorite sport. Choose something you can start slowly while you are healing and ease into doing it more often after you are healed. Making long-term goals is great for helping you stay motivated, even if you can not start out as active as you’d like.

Start Swimming

Swimming is a sport that almost everyone can engage in, no matter the injury or health. Swimming may be just what you need to stay healthy and active after an injury. Your local YMCA may be the perfect place to start, otherwise the community pool is an option.

Join a Challenge

Get your friends together and ask them to join you in a fitness challenge. Set goals and make a list of activities that you can do while recovering from your injury. The benefits of joining a fitness challenge is that you are held accountable as well as being supported by your friends. It can be fun to plan a final event where you all get to celebrate your accomplishments.

Staying positive and focused will be key in keeping yourself active and motivated. Focus on the end results and how much better you will feel if you stay active even after an injury.

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