Whether you are a newbie in the field of muscle gain and exercises, or have been a fitness enthusiast for ages, you must have heard of Jay Cutler, the four-time Mr. Olympia. Unlike other bodybuilding elites, he is honest, humble ad most importantly, approachable. Instead of blowing your mind with tales of epic workout campaigns or top-notch tactics, he provides you with feasible work-out routines that you can follow with ease to achieve your fitness and bodybuilding goals.

If you are aiming to gain muscle growth, and that too, in a systematic manner, here are ten of Jay Cutler’s fundamental rules for never-ending growth:

1. Add sets to exercise regime instead of reps – Although there is a common belief that the larger body parts need at least 12-16 sets of workout in order to grow, this is not quite true. There are many bodybuilders who prefer to cut down on the sets and add more and more reps to their workout regime. But according to Cutler, going for more sets and fewer reps is what helps one gain muscle growth quickly as it contributes to the dense muscularity.

2. Follow what works for you – Instead of following the trend, you should focus on what works for you. This is one of the fundamental rules that Jay Cutler believes in. Instead of using bombarding instruments or doing exotic exercises, he keeps it really simple and does a lot of squats, bench presses, pullovers, rows, preacher curls and press downs. He does all these simply because they work best for him. You too can take a lesson from this.

3. Take enough rest – While beginners can gain the maximum possible results from full-body routines, advanced lifters are going to gain the most by following a well-designed split. Lifters, who have been practicing lifts since years, are well aware of the fact that the key to gain maximum possible muscle growth is to stick to a single workout, executing it thoroughly and then going back to the gym in order to do the same exercise, even before one could completely recover.

4. Don’t take too much of rest – While it is obvious that taking rest between the sets helps you maximize the impact of workout, this doesn’t mean that you should go on with your rest period. Even while doing the toughest workouts, Jay Cutler doesn’t rest more than a minute. He says that taking the right amount of rest between sets of exercise will help you do more sets, eat more, live more and grow more while staying fit and fine.

5. Assess and then reassess – All the competitive bodybuilders should criticize their own physiques. This is important because if they can’t figure out where exactly they are lagging behind, it would be difficult for them to proceed with the exercise regime. For instance, Cutler realized that he needed to tone up his legs and back and therefore, worked accordingly.

6. Double up if you need to do so – There is nothing wrong in hitting a single body part twice a week if the need is there. Jay Cutler himself is famous for doing twice-per-week back sessions, but he used to do these with different focuses. While one sets of exercise focused on dead lifts and vertical pulls, the other focused on horizontal pulls.

7. Rely on your instincts – While there is a lot of information about the right process of bodybuilding, Cutler doesn’t believe in following them. You might find countless articles on weight loads, frequency, volume, training times and advanced techniques, getting published every now and then. Instead of following what others are doing or saying, Jay believes in following what he feels the need is. He thinks that it is best to train your body whenever you feel it is ready to be trained.

8. Follow a balanced diet – Following a balanced diet is as important as following all the other rules of exercising. Even if you don’t want to be a Mr. Olympia, you should follow a proper diet in order to bring significant changes to your body, health as well as athletic performance. You should not only take care of what you eat when you are at home, but also when you are at work or while you are traveling.

9. Do improvise whenever you feel the need to – While it is always important to follow a specific strategy, you should never stop from improvising. Even if six sets of squats are scheduled, you can always stop after doing four if you feel that it is difficult for you to push it further. Similarly, you can stretch it to a set of eight if you feel that doing a set of six is not enough for you.

10. Quad-Centrate – Finally, Jay advises to follow sets of quads. A quad routine should include hack squat, leg press, walking lunges and front squats.

With these ten rules advocated by Jay Cutler, you can achieve never ending growth and look your best.


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