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Important facts about psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic


Commonly we all have an idea of certain facts about psychological test that the person should go into a sleeping state to understand their psychology. After seeing some movies people have come to a conclusion that psychological tests and analysis are done by taking us in to our subconscious state and asking set of questions to understand some facts. It has been shown that person will look into a point continuously and slowly the person will get asleep so that the doctor will be able to ask questions to bring out unknown facts. But it is not necessary that the person should fall asleep and go into sub conscious state, there are set of theories from which set of questions have been devised using which psychoanalysis can be done. You can see the details of Mr. Patrick Mahony from the website patrickmahony.co.uk, is a psychoanalyst and Professor of Psychology at the Universite de Montreal (Canada).

He explains about psychoanalysis in detail that psychoanalysis is the process of testing the psychology of a person in order to benefit the person or someone related to that person. The technique or he theory used to test the psychology of a person is called psychoanalytic. Human being is made of spirit, soul and body and the soul part contains mind, will and emotion. The spirit is an air that has life and gives life to the body, the soul is the important part that is responsible for who and what the man is then the body is flesh and bones. If the mind of the person is well and perfect then the person can do anything and can survive from anything.  Our whole being is in the soul part.

Psychoanalysis test is done to find the facts of a person that lies in the subconscious mind of a person. In the subconscious mind the events that happened from the mother’s womb will be stored. The childhood events, the desire, the positive and the negatives are stored in the subconscious mind, therefore the psychoanalysis test is done to extract what is in the mind and to help the person to get into right track. After the test counseling will be given based on the test results so that the person will be able to understand the real self of who he is, what he is for, his talents, abilities, heart, goals, desires and interests. The test will show the character and the nature of a person and knowing the character and the nature the person can work on it tom improve if it is not actually right.

During the psychoanalysis the subconscious or unconscious mind state of the person is brought in to conscious to bring understand the experience, mannerism, behavior and the indwelling thoughts so that the doctor can counsel the person in effective way. When the person comes to know the things from his or her subconscious mind he or she can be trained in mind to have positive thoughts, positive approach and positive mindset that can help them and others through them to excel in different parts of their life.


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