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Importance and Salient Details of Pre Workout Meal


As important it is for hygiene conscious people to floss their teeth before going to bed or as important it is to take a fruit basket when seeing a patient, equally important it is to have a healthy eating session before the workout.

Eating before workout is very crucial for a good workout and consequent results, moreover, those who are serious about their health and fitness do give extra importance to pre workout meal. The lines below discuss the importance of pre-workout eating and the recommended options in this regard pertaining to different kinds of workout.



The pre-workout meal is very important to perform an optimal and healthy workout. In order to workout, the body requires energy and as a matter of fact food is the primary source from which the body gets energy. Therefore, in order to perform a workout, the body needs to have food in t so that it can be broken down into energy for the workout to go smoothly and for longer. Working out with empty stomach may cause you to feel fatigued sooner during the workout and put you at a potential risk of injury. Therefore, health experts recommend healthy pre workout eating for greater workout performance.

Mandatory Requirement:

Regardless of whatever kind of workout you are performing, the one pre workout requirement necessary for all the kinds of workouts is hydration. You need to drink plenty of water before starting a workout as your muscles would require extensive water during the workout and the body would excrete water in the form of sweat during the exercise. This loss of water causes you to under perform by 10 to 15 percent without any difference to the kind of activity you are performing. Therefore, before going the gym make sure that you drink at least 20 ounces of fluid to keep you hydrated.

The two major kinds of workouts and the pre-workout foods recommended for them are as follows:

1. Aerobics:

For aerobic workouts that require you to feel light, you need to consume foods that are light in eating and are digested quickly by the body so that they don’t hinder during the workout by upsetting your stomach. The nutrient that you require the most before aerobics is carbohydrate as it provides energy to the body as it performs the workout. Therefore, a healthy pre aerobic workout meal must comprise of carbs such as fruits and vegetables. Fruits and veggies provide you with carb and they are easily digested by the body during the workout. Therefore, while running, cycling, or swimming, your body is constantly receiving energy by breaking down fruits and vegetables.

2. Bodybuilding:

For bodybuilding, an athlete requires to supply greater amount of energy to the body and proteins to keep the muscles strong. Therefore, bodybuilders are advised to have a heavy meal 3-4 four hours before the workout, so that when they begin the workout the heavy food is already digested and muscles and body start benefiting from it. Bodybuilders are recommended a high protein and carbohydrate diet before the workout, where proteins prevent muscle breakdown, while carbs ensure energy supply. If you are new to bodybuilding and do not know about the nutrition required then you can use pre-workout supplement for beginners to help you get an optimal workout and greater muscle mass.


In a nutshell, pre-workout eating is imperative for a good workout and better results of the efforts. Carbs and proteins are the two main components upon which you need to emphasize depending upon the kind of exercise.


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