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How You Can Lose Weight If You Have Hormonal Issues That Make It Difficult


Losing weight can be challenging, but it’s even more complex when hormonal issues interfere with weight loss. Hormone imbalances can cause slower metabolism, reduced energy and faster fat storage. With the right approaches, however, it’s still possible to lose weight effectively. Let’s look at six weight loss approaches that help when it comes to hormone imbalance:

Counting Calories
Even if you can’t commit to a complex weight loss plan, counting calories helps you to be aware of your eating habits and reduce your caloric intake. Studies have shown that people who count calories at every meal often consume 200-300 fewer calories in a single day. That really adds up over time, and it can help you see where your weaknesses are so you can make needed changes.

Balance Cardio and Weight Lifting
People with hormonal imbalances often find that they cannot lose weight using strict cardio exercise alone. Instead, incorporate some moderate weight lifting into your routine. This “anaerobic” exercise has different effects on the body and can help promote general wellness, too.

Try an hCG Diet
The hCG diet works by specifically targeting fat, helping you to lose weight. There are different phases that help you lose weight and then maintain a healthy weight. The experts at the Chicago Weight Loss Clinic can help you reach your goals with the hCG diet.

Get More Rest
Although hormonal imbalances can have a number of deep, systematic causes, chronic lack of sleep has a tendency to make them worse. Make sure you are getting at least eight hours of sleep each night so your body has the resources to keep its systems in balance.

Reduce Fat Intake
Although some fat intake is critical for health, people with hormonal imbalances are more likely to be sensitive to fat. That means more storage of fat in “problem areas,” just the same as if the body is preparing for starvation. Reduce fat intake slowly to avoid “weight loss resistance.”

Limit Caffeine and Alcohol
Caffeine, alcohol and other powerful substances that change the chemical balance in your body should be avoided. Be especially leery of supplements that use large doses of caffeine to promote brief metabolic spikes, as these can backfire on people with hormone issues.

When hormones are brought into balance, they provide powerful momentum in helping you lose weight. However, getting them into that state can call for a number of healthy changes in the way you exercise and eat food. Don’t give up. Your body maintains a natural ability to lose weight and regulate itself. Small changes can have major results.

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