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How What One Wears Affect the Fitness Goals?


Almost each & every person has heard the phrase – “dress for success”. This is true even in the case of exercise and sport. In simple words – the clothing one opts influences his performance on the sports field & in the gym. It is sounding counterintuitive, right? Well… One is going to get hot & sweaty anyway. Why not merely slip into a worn out cotton t-shirt & beat up shorts? Why does it really matter what one wears for a workout? Here are some reasons why one needs to have a gym clothes closest as well:

1):- The Right Clothing Boosts Confidence level: The clothing one wears is going to make a lot of difference if one believes it is going to aid him in performing better. Studies in the field of cognition have detected many positive impacts of wearing the right clothes for one’s workplace. They termed it as ‘ enclothed cognition,’ this is a phenomenon that extends to sports as well as fitness. This boost could be an increase in the level of confidence – if one knows he looks great – chances are one will act it out too. If one likes what he is wearing at the gym, there are greater chances he will want to exercise more & more. However, it is not advisable to test such theory when one is trying to push his maximum at the bench press machine. But – there is a very notice difference in one’s confidence when one is dressed in the right gear than when he is not. When he has right tools & perfectly fitted workout clothes that provide support in the right areas, he is going to feel more confident. This confidence gets translated into better performance . Check anax fitness mens gym clothes  and see mens vests for the gym here

2):- Well-Fitted Gym Clothing Improves Freedom Of Movement: A tight shirt always restricts one’s movement. Even if he is able to dunk, swing, spike, or make other movements – his shots will be affected if he is aware of the tightness around his body. He must make sure his shorts do not ride up or somehow slip down when he is jumping. If one buys a pair that is so big in the crotch – the shorts are going to come in the way of all complex movements in the gym. If one is wearing a cap – make sure it is not so tight around his head but also assure it would not fall off or slip. Focusing on movement is necessary particularly when performing any compound exercises. One might end up doing it wrong if one’s clothing is restrictive or does not provide the perfect support.

3):- Compression Clothing Can Help In Recovery After Exercise: A study conducted in Germany, in 2015, has found that compression clothing aid recovery in performance. A 2016 study in the US had stated that there was not any effect of compression clothing on gym performance. So there seems to be bit conflicting evidence regarding whether compression clothing does aid performance in gym. Compression clothing gives graduated compression for the purpose of stimulating circulation in the body. The result is actually massaging effect that stimulates blood flow. Compression in the gym or athletic clothing has not been proved to have any negative influence so if he has not tested them still. So, do give compression clothing a shot.

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