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How to understand that its time replace your fitness gears


If your sneakers that you wear while jogging or the exercise mat you use are worn out then remember to replace, as these used up accessories can leave your foot or toe or ankle battered. Fitness gears usually last for years but you need to keep them up to date and looked. Fitness gears are chiefly essential and play an important part in keeping you healthy. A worn out gear can lead you to injury and wounds. So you better update or upgrade them on the right time.

Sports Bra:

Sports bra is a very important cog as it makes one feel comfortable during running or exercising. A sports bra usually last for 8 to 10 months if it is used regularly. In between this span, if any damage happens to it, is exceptional but generally it lasts for that length of time. But don’t forget to keep it washed and cleaned.

Running Shoes:

If properly used a pair of sports shoes may last for around 5 to 6 months for a person who regularly works out. Your shoes should be comfy enough because when you run, if the shoes are not comfortable you get tired very soon or you may get an injury.

Your shoes if used on a regular basis possibly will last up to 300 to 500 miles of running or walking.

Stability Ball:

A stability ball is a very good exercise tool and it lasts for a longer period as well. If used at homes by regular work outers then it should be upgraded after 3 or more years.


Your bicycle is a source of great weight loss so you need to keep it safe and in a fine state.

It can even last up to 15 years if you use it properly and responsibly. Whenever you see even a little problem, don’t let it linger on and increase. Let it be fixed. A regular visit to your nearest bike shop will do a lot of good. You can get info of what condition your bike is in and what can be possibly done to prolong its life span. Your bike frame may last even longer if you get the chains and other parts be changed in every 4 to 5 years.

Bike Helmet:

Bike helmets once are crashed or dented need to be replaced. Buy a new one if you have those old ones which do not match the safety standards. The foam has to be soft and safe for you.


Though, one may say that music player or Ipod is not a necessity of fitness, but while jogging or running music soothes you and lets you go an extra mile. Change your Ipod when broken or not working properly and don’t forget to update your music list.

Wrist band:

If you work out regularly then you need to change your wrist band when it is not working properly because it depends upon the technology that you use for tracking your calorie expansion and contraction.

Yoga Mats:

Yoga mats last for a longer period if taken care of. Wash them regularly and put them at correct places. They must be smooth and leveled for better and relaxed yoga exercises. You can change them when you observe any kind of fray. Or they can be easily recycled as well.


Change your pair of gloves if they are worn out or are not well fitted. They need to be of a very strong fabric because when you lift weight your hands can get scratches if you don’t wear good quality gloves. You better change them after every two to three months.

 Socks, Shirts and Pants:

Change the fabric when it gets holes or when it gets old. The shirt or pant fabric should be smooth and you should not feel rough edges on your skin when you wear them, it’ll affect your work out.

So to have better work outs you need to keep check of your gears every now and then. Revise and renew them whenever needed to save yourself from unwanted and filthy injuries. Have a happy exercise and work out session. Cheers!


Author Bio:

 This article is written by Howard Thomas who is a well known health blogger. Few days ago he wrote about doctors who offer phentermine. In this article he describe about fitness gear.


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