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How to Stay Active in the Winter Months


Staying active is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but when the winter months roll around, it can be difficult to stay motivated. Cold temperatures, inclement weather, and minimal daylight are all easy excuses we may use to convince ourselves to put off our workouts for another day, but you can change that attitude with a few simple steps.

Prepare for Your Workout the Night Before

If you typically exercise in the morning, lay out your exercise gear the night before. Prep any drinks, shakes, or meals you may want, and pack a bag if you plan on showering at the gym. Minimizing the amount of preparation you have to do immediately before hitting the gym will get you out the door faster. If you exercise after work, purchase a gym bag so you can pack all of your gear and bring it with you for the day. Heading back home before going to the gym is an easy way to convince yourself you don’t need to go. Having your gym bag already on you will give you the motivation you need to push through that post-work fatigue.

Purchase Appropriate Workout Gear

Stock up on your exercise essentials, especially if you live in cooler climates. Head to Adidas and outfit yourself and/or your entire family with hats, gloves, running masks, fleeces, and jackets. If you’re running frequently, make sure you replace your shoes as the tread wears out. Keeping yourself warm as you exercise outdoors will ensure you reduce injury. Also stay on the lookout for Adidas’s frequent discounts and deals so you can save while you stay fit.

Create Goals

It’s important to work towards something so create exercise goals for yourself. Print out your list of athletic goals and put it on your door, mirror, or planner as a reminder of what you want to accomplish. Constantly reminding yourself of what you hope to achieve will motivate you to get to the gym, especially on the days you want to make a thousand excuses not to go.

So get in or stay in shape – don’t let the winter hold you back!


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