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How to Start an Exercise Program


Exercise is something that every person should do on a regular basis. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not get anywhere near the amount of exercise their body needs in order to stay healthy. You might not be in the greatest shape right now. If this is the case, it is never too late to start an exercise program. It does not have to be something that is too involved. Even a small amount of physical activity a few times a week is much better than no exercise at all. You should not just jump into an exercise program. This is especially true if you have never exercised before. You could end up hurting yourself. Here is how you should safely start an effective exercise program that will get you into shape.

1. Talk to a professional trainer

A personal trainer is definitely someone that you should be consulting with every step of the way when you are starting to exercise for the first time. You might not be able to afford to hire a personal trainer. However, you should at least consult with one of these people and get some tips about safe ways for you to work out. This will prevent you from injuring yourself. A personal trainer makes a living by helping people to exercise and get into shape. They need to take classes and become certified. You should go to a local gym. They will most likely have a personal trainer on their staff. Have this person devise a workout regimen for you to follow based on your current level of fitness. You will need to pay the trainer to do this. However, it will be money well spent. You should follow the workout regimen to the letter. However, you should stop and rest if you are starting to feel pain. Hiring the personal trainer to exercise with you would be better if you can afford that expense. It will help to have the trainer with you to give you proper instructions if you are not performing an exercise correctly. He can also give you extra motivation with his encouragement.

2. Buy some comfortable running shoes

You will be doing a lot of running when you are working out. Therefore, it is essential that you protect your feet and give them the support they need. Running puts a lot of stress on your feet. The amount of stress goes up the heavier the person is. Wearing running shoes that do not fit properly could cause you to seriously hurt your feet. Go to a store that specializes in selling running shoes. Have one of the employees help you. The employee will make sure that the shoes you choose are the appropriate size for your feet. You will also need to be sure that the running shoes you buy have the right amount of padding. There are shoes that have air or gel cushioning. You need to be sure that the cushioning is sufficient to protect your feet when they are constantly hitting the ground as you are running. Try out a few different styles so you can find out the options that are available to you.

3. Have a nutritionist create a diet for you to follow

You should take your diet just as seriously as your exercise regimen. Exercising on a regular basis will only be effective if you change your diet. You are not in good shape because you are not eating right. This must change if you are going to get into shape and maintain a healthy weight. Hiring a nutritionist will give you valuable knowledge about the foods that you should be eating on a daily basis. The nutritionist will be able to create a diet that is designed for your nutritional needs. You can buy your food at health food stores online. Make sure the nutritionist has received a license. This will give you the assurance that he or she has completed the necessary studies to be licensed by one of the nationally recognized organizations. You need to make sure the person who is giving you nutrition advice knows what he or she is doing.


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