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How to Reduce Your Belly Fat by Ab Workouts?


A flat and toned stomach is what we all want. But even after following a balanced diet that includes best bodybuilding supplements and test boosters, and doing a set of exercises, regularly, many people fail to get the desired results. The main reason for not getting the expected results might be the conventional abdominal workouts that most people rely upon. For instance, if you are doing lots of crunches every day, maintaining the perfect counts and duration’s, it won’t prove to be quite effective.

This is so because crunches work only with the muscles of side and front of your abdomen. But it is important that all the muscles of the core are worked out. This includes the muscles of upper thighs, hips and also the lower back. Therefore, to reduce the spot fats of stomach, it is important to select the right set of exercises and complement them with effective dietary supplements to achieve the desired results quicker.
Here is a list of some of the most effective ab workouts that will help reduce belly fat –

• Lunge twist

This exercise is targeted for the muscles of obliques, abs, quads and butt. Stand on your feet, with your knees slightly bent, and hips wide apart and the elbows bent at 90 degrees.

• Side plank

If you are looking for some quick results, this is the best exercise to opt for. Lie on your left side with your legs stacked, and elbow right beneath your shoulder. Place the right hand on your right hip. Lift your hips off the floor, after bracing your abs and balance on your feet and forearm in a way so that your body forms a diagonal line. Try to hold for 30-45 seconds. Try the same with the right side. Unlike other ab exercises, here your entire body weight is supported by only two points, instead of four. This is why this exercise proves to be more effective.

• 90-degree static press

Try this at the beginning of your workout since it is a great method to wake up the muscles of your core. Alternatively, you can try this out anytime as a stand-alone exercise. Lie with your face up and hips and knees bent at 90 degrees. Press both of your thighs with your palms. Take a deep breath in, and brace your abs tight, while exhaling. Press your lower back against the floor, without moving your legs. Once you are comfortable with this, lift your shoulders and head off the floor. Do maximum 3 sets of 10 repetitions at a stretch. In order to lose your belly fat quickly, consider having some dietary supplements or the best fat burner, available in the market regularly to complement your exercise and get faster results.

• Walkout from push-up position

This is an exercise which makes your entire body move, at the same time. Lie on the floor in push-up position, with your hands two inches wider than your shoulder. Walk towards front as far as you can, and then walk back in the same position. If you want to make it even harder, just lift one leg, before you walk with your hands. Consider doing 10-12 repetitions.

• Resisted single leg stretch

This is somewhat similar to the static press. Here, you have to extend your leg, which makes it more challenging. Lie with your face up and both the knees into chest. Interlock all your fingers on top of one of the thighs, and then extend the other leg out parallel to the floor. Lift your shoulder and head off the floor and try to look at your legs. Repeat this with the other thigh. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions in a row.

While these ab workouts will help you get a flat stomach, you can get faster results when you complement them with a balanced diet that includes the intake of some of the best supplements.


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