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How to Lose Weight Naturally with Green Tea


It is undebatable, green tea is the most popular beverage on the planet today, and also the most useful in terms of health. Studies carried out from multiple centers have shown that tea is made up of valuable substances, including antioxidants that are of immense benefit to the human body.

Green tea works in burning excess fat

It has been proven that green tea contains bioactive substances that are present in its natural form and drinking it has amazing benefits that include burning excess body fat. Caffeine is one substance that can be traced in a cup of green tea, and even though it is not as concentrated in tea as it is in coffee, its mild percentage is just what the body needs. While caffeine has been long established as a stimulant, it is quite helpful in burning fat and enhancing performance during exercises.

In addition, the presence of a myriad of antioxidants is what makes green tea ideal for natural weight loss. It is rich in catechins, one of which is Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), which is a very potent antioxidant utilized in the body for improved metabolism.

Green tea helps in breaking down fat

Normally, fat cannot be burnt before it has been broken down. What the substances found in green tea do is that they increase the hormonal levels to communicate directly to fat cells so they can break fat down. By so doing, they release fat into the bloodstream, consequently utilizing it as energy. EGCG helps prevent the breaking down of the hormone Norepinephrine by an enzyme, hence increasing its amounts and sending out a stronger message to the fat cells to break more fat.

Eventually, as the cycle goes on and on, more fat is broken down into the bloodstream and converted into energy to be used by the body in performing normal functions.

Green tea aids in fat burning during exercises

It is no wonder tea forms an essential ingredient of fat burning supplements. This is due to its natural ability to help in burning fat especially when the body is ultra-active. A survey carried out over a period of time showed that people who drank green tea during exercises burnt close to 20 percent more fat compared to those who exercised without taking the supplement. This is evidence enough that it is a powerful drink that can be utilized for both active and inactive individuals who are on a weight loss journey.

Green tea boosts the metabolic rate

Green tea does not only boost the metabolic rate, it does also help in burning calories round the clock. Naturally, the body burns more calories when exercising, but with green tea, the body has increased chances of carrying on the process even during rest. The body needs a lot of energy to carry out its normal functions even in sleep, and that is why tea can be used to improve its overall performance. Metabolism boosting effects brought about by use of natural green tea can be felt for long periods of time, and that explains why green tea featured among the ten steps to shedding 10 pounds in 2 weeks.

Green tea helps your body take in fewer calories

Among the best appetite suppressants on the planet today, green tea features heavily. It means that the body allows only minimal intake of calories without breaking any sweat, thanks to green tea. While there are several supplements that can be taken to reduce appetite in humans, tea has been passed as one of the most natural means with zero side effects. It has not been proved in humans as yet, but a reliable study showed that tea helps the body take in less fat from foods.

Green tea helps get rid of visceral fat

Visceral fat is the harmful fat that lodges underneath the belly and builds up around the body organs. It causes the resistance of insulin and inflammation, two very serious causes of deadly conditions including diabetes and heart complications. The effects of taking green tea regularly are said to be mild, but it has been proven that most of the fat taken out by tea is actually visceral fat. This means that people who take green tea are at a lesser risk of brutal diseases, and are better positioned to lead longer healthier lives.

Could the green tea be one of the contributing factors to Melissa McCarthy’s weight loss transformation? It sure can, as most of the natural diet supplements contain green tea extract.

Green tea works best during exercise

As earlier mentioned, the best effects of green tea as a weight loss agent can be felt by individuals who exercise regularly. The essential substances making up the tea can be put into better use by an active body that has its systems running normally and without restrictions. The best part is that tea has been recommended by nutritionists as a good natural way of refreshing. It is not in any way a drug, and therefore, does not contain any banned substances that could cause harm to the human body. It is also safe to assume that there are no known reactants to natural tea, and virtually everyone can use.

More than just another hot beverage…

All said and done, there are more uses of green tea than just weight loss. According to other sources, there are over 10 evidence-based uses of green tea. The natural substances found in tea have been used in the manufacture of several health and wellness supplements across the globe. While all the effects associated with drinking tea are all mild, continued use has far-reaching effects, the biggest of which is training the body system to burn excessive fat naturally even during rest. There are no known side effects of taking green tea on a regular basis, and that is why it remains one of the most effective natural means of getting rid of those surplus abs.

The world has been treated to a countless number of weight loss remedies, the majority of which are less effective and have been linked with numerous side effects. Thanks to demand for these supplements, people in their desperate attempts to lose weight fall for every advert that graces their screens. Green tea is 100 percent natural and has not been manufactured using any dangerous additives, therefore, it can be ranked among the best ways of losing weight naturally.


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