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How to Exercise around the House


[dropcap2]E[/dropcap2]xercise is a key component of losing weight, mainly because it helps us to burn more calories. If you are already limiting your caloric intake, exercise is a great way to boost your overall weight loss. That said, many people find it difficult to get to the gym regularly. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time, and gym memberships and exercise equipment can be expensive. In addition, if you have been sedentary or significantly overweight for a while and you are now losing weight  gradually, you may need to add exercise slowly to avoid injury.

If you’re starting a weight loss program and you’d like to incorporate exercise but don’t have the time or the money to invest in a gym or workout video, here are a few suggestions to help you exercise around the house easily and for free.

1. Climb Stairs

Climbing stairs is an extremely effective cardiovascular exercise. Not only does stair climbing work all the muscles in your lower body as well as your core muscles, it also gives your heart muscle a great workout.  Nearly every house has at least one flight of stairs, and if you climb stairs for 30 minutes every day you can burn over 350 calories!

2. Use Chairs and Walls for Squats

Squats use all the muscles in the lower leg as well as the glutes and the core muscles. Use a chair or a wall for support as you begin your squat, making sure that you keep your back straight and your head in line with your spine. Keep your feet hip-width apart and don’t allow your knees to collapse inward as you squat down, as it puts too much pressure on the knees and may trigger an injury.

3. Use Benches or Ottomans for Triceps Presses

The triceps are the muscles located at the backs of your arms, behind your biceps. Triceps presses use a number of other muscles as well, including the shoulders and the chest. Use a bench or an ottoman to support you as you begin your triceps press. If you find this exercise difficult at first, begin by keeping your knees bent on the way down.

4. Move often from Room to Room

Finally, moving regularly from room to room helps you stay active and burn calories. One simple trick is to keep your phone upstairs if you are located on the ground floor. This way, every time it rings you will be guaranteed a workout climbing the stairs to answer it. Make sure you set your ringer loud enough so you can hear it and adjust the number of rings to the maximum to allow yourself time to answer it!


Author Bio:

Emma Cale is a regular contributor to a number of health and wellness blogs and the staff writer at Slimband, Canada’s leading weight loss surgery clinic. Her favourite topics include weight loss, nutrition, fitness, obesity research, and obesity-related illnesses.


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