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How to Easily Find Healthy Restaurants


It’s always nice to treat yourself with a delicious meal at a fantastic restaurant. Sometimes finding the perfect spot that meets all of your needs can be difficult to find, especially if you’re traveling. But don’t worry – finding the next best spot isn’t difficult thanks to Groupon’s new fantastic Food and Drink pages.

Simply search the type of food you’re looking for and your location, for example ‘salads’ in Chicago. Groupon Food and Drink pages will populate relevant results, such as Chicken Works & Salad Company or Salad House. Each restaurant’s page will cover the crucial details, such as their hours of operation, what type of cuisine they provide, whether takeout or delivery are offered, the price range, and whether the restaurant caters to dietary needs, such as vegetarian or gluten free options. Most pages also display groupon deals and discounts you can purchase and use at the establishment, helping you save money. If you want to stay within the area, use the interactive map on the page to discover other restaurants or bars nearby. Also utilize the tips section to see what other customers liked, disliked, and recommend.

Once you’ve found some potential locations, check their menu to make sure they provide a variety of healthy options, such as leafy greens, salads, lean proteins and meats, and dishes low in fat. If the portions are very large, save half to bring home for leftovers as it is very easy to overeat while dining out. Skip dessert as well to avoid extra calories and/or spending superfluous money. Then before you know it, you’ll have found the perfect restaurant where you can treat yourself to a lovely meal out that won’t also leave you feeling guilty about how much you spent or what you ate.

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