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How to Develop a Great Body by “Doing the Complete Opposite”


By Dan Blumenstock


You must be confused by the title, right?

Let me explain.

Look around your gym.

What do you see?


A lot of people that are NOT in good shape.


So, that got me thinking.

If these “out-of-shape” people are all doing similar things, I should do the complete opposite.

Doesn’t that make sense?

It does do me.

Do the complete opposite of the out-of-shape people to get a great body.

Brilliant aren’t I?

Let me break-it-down for you.

What the majority does:

  1.  Walk on a treadmill.
  2. Lift light weights with little effort.
  3. Don’t squat.
  4. Don’t do push ups.
  5. Don’t do pull ups.
  6. Perform ab exercises to see their abs.
  7. Place an emphasis on isolation exercises.
  8. Take “exercise classes.”
  9. Eat terribly.


What you should do instead:

  1.  Sprint.
  2. Lift heavy weights with 100% intensity.
  3. Squat, squat, and squat some more.
  4. Drop and do pushups whenever you can.
  5. Do pull ups.  If you aren’t strong enough to do one yet, just hang onto the bar as long as you can.  Then try to pull yourself up a little.  Take it from there.
  6. Ditch the ab work.  You can’t see your abs because you have too much fat.  Get rid of the fat.
  7. Perform heavy, compound exercises.
  8. Ditch the “exercise classes” like Zumba.  They are B.S., useless and only reinforce bad habits.
  9. Try to eat healthy most of the time.


Does the above sound like rocket science?

It shouldn’t.

You can get a great body by focusing on just a handful of important concepts.

You can get a great body by simply doing the complete opposite of the majority.

Just get really good at them.


Dan Blumenstock is a personal trainer and blogger from NJ.

He specializes in building extremely lean and muscular physiques.

You can find out more by visiting his blog at www.BodyTransformationSolutions.com


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