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How to Boost Your Muscle Recovery


We all know that a human body should be burning maximum amount of calories each day. This will help one stay healthy for a longer period of time. A regular workout is one way that will help in burning all those unnecessary calories. Studies have shown that a human body has to burn out more calories in order to maintain a pound of muscle than it has to burn for maintaining one pound of fat. Therefore, muscles help you burn even more calories every day, even when you are not working out. This in short means that gaining muscles will help you burn more calories and lose more fat. Here are a few tips that will help you in faster muscle recovery and improved performance.

• Implement Active Muscle Recovery
• Massage
• Sleep
• Increase Protein intake
• Drink More Water

• Avoid Skipping Basics
• Avoid Smoking and Drinking
• Lunchtime Hoops
• Starvation
• Intake of Sugar

Dos :

Implement Active Muscle Recovery:

Implementing an active muscle recovery will help you increase blood flow and nutrients to the muscles. This recovery method uses light resistance exercises. This method also helps in eliminating various waste products that may hinder muscle recovery. Exercises and workouts that can be performed within this method are walking, yoga, swimming, light biking and many more low intensity exercises.


A sports massage after a proper exercise would help even more in faster muscle recovery. A simple massage may help mitigate the symptoms of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). Even though it may not be the best option, a massage will always help one feel relaxed and stress free.


It is well known that lack of sleep may have many negative impacts on the human body. One of them is weight gain. It also reduces muscle recovery by creating negative impacts on feeding behavior and glucose metabolism. It also causes an increase in cortisol and reduction in testosterone thus leading to a decrease in protein synthesis that further acts as a hindrance in muscle recovery.

Increase Protein intake:

Increased Protein intake will result in an increase in Protein synthesis. This further on plays a vital role in muscle recovery. Protein is a component of every cell in the human body. Thus, it not only helps in body building, but also in the overall functioning of the body. Thus, it is important to consume protein rich foods. Foods such as meat, milk products or protein rich supplements will help increase protein levels in your body.

Drink More Water:

Adequate hydration helps in proper functioning of the body. Muscles in the human body comprise of 75% water. It is necessary that one drink at least one gallon of water every day. People who are more active may need a higher amount of hydration.


Avoid Skipping Basics:

One should not avoid basic exercises like bench presses and squats. These help many more muscle groups to work together. Do not just focus on isolation exercises like chest flies and leg extensions. Basic exercises will help impose more stress on your body with maximum gain.

Avoid Smoking:

Studies have said that Smoking deposits more of carbon dioxide in your system that prevents the muscles from getting an adequate amount of oxygen. This reduced oxygen supply will reduce their capacity to work efficiently.

Lunchtime Hoops:

Muscles require 48 hours to relax in order to adapt to the stresses it undergoes during workouts. When a body is engaged in extra activities, it uses up the excess calories it has for fuel instead of using it for rebuilding. Avoid keeping yourself extra active. This can be done by avoiding a game or two. This will help to ease up your muscles that get used up during the extra activities. This will give time for the muscles to recover.


Immediately after a workout session, the body strives to convert glucose into glycogen for recovery and growth of the muscles. If you don’t eat after a workout, the body then tends to convert muscle into amino acids and further into glucose. It is, thus, necessary that one eats a high carbohydrate meal after a workout and avoids starvation.


Drinks that contain sugar can cause an increase in the blood sugar level within the body. This will make you prone to skip other necessary nutrients that you may have to take instead. Water, low sugar health drinks, dry fruits or nutrition bars should be consumed at such times.

For all those who want to and need to lose fat, muscle recovery is one ultimate solution. It is important to keep all the above mentioned points in mind. They will help you increase your body performance and help you to effectively improve the composition of your body.


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