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How Hormones Affect Your Body


Most of us keep complaining our diet, all those chocolates, coffees, ice cream, burgers, junk food and what not for our obesity and weight. But the truth is they are just partially responsible for this, the main culprit is someone else.

Although you cannot feel the existence of this culprit responsible for all those changes in your body but the system is running and working continuously. Yes we are talking about “hormones”. Our endocrine system is constantly producing hormones that affect most of our body functions like heart rate, metabolism, mood, sex drive, appetite and many other things. There are several hormones being produced in our body and each has different function but they all work together to communicate with one another and keep our body alive and running. We have summed up some of the most important hormones here in this article which you should know about. You can take the advantage of this information to keep yourself healthy, strong and sexier one again.


Estrogen is the well-known female sex hormone which is produced in the ovaries and sets off puberty. This hormone is responsible for regulating menstrual cycle, maintaining pregnancy and keeping your bones strong. Balance is very important as excess of estrogen can result in breast cancer, dementia, uttering cancer and many other fatal diseases. You can keep estrogen in balance by keeping weight in control, regular exercise; have a balanced diet and controlling your drinking habits.


Progesterone is the key player in the menstrual cycle of the females. Progesterone levels increase after ovulation and prepare your uterus for a fertilized egg hence helping in pregnancy. If pregnancy doesn’t occur, Progesterone level drops and helps in period.


Prolactin is an active hormone during pregnancy and pituitary gland releases this hormone which helps in lactation. Lactation then enables you to breastfeed you child. This hormone is also responsible for ovulation and menstrual cycle. Keeping the balance here is necessary and excess of prolactin can cause problems in breastfeeding. You can use supplements with your doctor’s advice to maintain the balance.


Irisin is associated with exercise and it is released when you get your sweat on. It then converts calorie-storing white blood cells into calorie-torching brown fat cells. Researchers suggest that high level of  Irisin can help you minimize the risk of age related diseases such as cancer, heart diseases and Alzheimer’s.  It also helps in strengthening your large muscle groups.


Testosterone is the famous male sex hormone. Yes you are right; males have also got sex hormones just like females. It helps in enhancing your sex drive, bone density and muscle strength. High level of Testosterone can be good for hair growth but it can also cause several diseases like acne, heart diseases and insulin resistance. Keeping the Testosterone in balance is necessary. You can do it by maintaining good body weight and quit smoking.


This hormone is associated with your diet. It is released in the small intestine and then mixed in your blood stream. This is responsible for causing the sensation that you are full and decreases your appetite. Research show that high-protein breakfast results in greater PYY.


Oxytocin is responsible for making you feel good when you hug, cuddle or have sex. The hormone levels go up when you touch others. It is also called the bonding hormone which connects us and makes us feel closer to others.


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