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How Do E-Cigarettes Effect Fitness?


When you become conscious of your health the first thing you’ll want to do is kick those bad habits that are holding you back. Resisting the calorific treats in the super market is hard enough, but quitting smoking is by far the hardest addiction to fight.

Since their introduction in 2003, e-cigarettes have been revolutionary in helping people finally kick the habit and release themselves from the clutches of nicotine addiction, with the most recent ASH report confirming that 10% of the UK’s population of smokers are now purely e-cigarette users.

But as they have become socially acceptable and taken on by many fitness fanatics, there are many benefits and disadvantages to using these tools.

Quitting is Easier

Thanks to the variety in nicotine strength that comes with e-cigarettes, you’re now able to control the amount of nicotine that you take in, helping you to manage your addiction much easier than many previous methods. And as the device replicates the smoking habit, it is much easier for you to keep up with as your hands and mouth are gaining the same experience from traditional smoking.

With e-cigarettes now being part of a booming vaping industry you’re able to find a device that gives you a completely unique experience, whether it’s down to the design or how much cloud you can create, you can make vaping completely unique to your needs.

Running is Limited

Although e-cigarettes come with many health benefits, there have been reports that some may cause inflammation in the lungs. The side-effects of this can be completely varied as casual exercisers might not notice any difference to their fitness, but intense gym goers may feel a decrease in lung function which can impair your ability to exercise.

The research in this area is still yet to be fully tested, but the early signs show that there are restrictions with lung capacity.

If you’re a keen runner or a fan of cardio it may be beneficial to reduce your use of an e-cigarette once you’ve quit traditional smoking completely.

Whether you’re looking to run a marathon or take part in an obstacle course, anything is better than lighting up after a rigorous workout, but don’t forget that any type of nicotine will still effect the recovery of your body after exercise.

Health is Better

A recent report by the UK Government has found that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than traditional tobacco smoking. This news has finally proved that the benefits of e-cigarettes are now seen as an essential tool in helping individuals create a healthier lifestyle.

Those who have changed their lifestyle from chain smoking branded cigarettes have seen dramatic improvements in overall health, as their fitness levels have not only improved, but their skin, hair and nails are now growing. If you’ve change your smoking habits, you may have seen these effects for yourself and been surprised at how your immune system has improved.

Smoking has long been seen as a massive strain on the health services in the UK, and it’s hoped that e-cigarettes are going to help reduce the appeal of smoking, and be a tool to develop more future solutions.


  1. Electronic cig doesn’t harm our lungs it does not contain tar and tobacco. Hydrogen cyanide and toxin cause your lungs to swell, which constricts the flow of air. With e cig there is no hydrogen cyanide and no toxin, so your lungs can repair themselves. There are no chances of cancer with e cig.


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