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How Daily Me-Time Leads to a Healthy Life


We exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, visit our doctor when needed, and take so many additional steps to take care of ourselves. With all the information currently available in the modern age, there really is no excuse for not doing everything necessary to be healthy. However, many people are missing out on one essential aspect of self-care that can help them be happier and healthier.


To so many busy, modern people, “me-time” may seem like an unnecessary extravagance that we can neither afford nor fit into our hectic schedules. Between work, school, family, a social life, and so many other obligations, we can barely imagine taking a bit of time to ourselves. We are so focused on productivity and our perpetual life of improvement, that we overlook a simple way to keep ourselves healthy.

Stop and Breathe

In case you have forgotten what it feels like, me-time involves taking a few moments to yourself for yourself. This could be a relaxing bath, some simple meditation, reading a book, or even watching TV alone. Me-time can be anything, as long as it is something that you can do by yourself, simply for the sake of doing something you enjoy.


This gives you the opportunity to slow down and get off the hamster wheel of productivity on which we spend so much of our lives. Daily me-time allows you to exhale both literally and figuratively, and it has many real benefits that you may not realize.

Benefits of Daily Me-Time

Although regular me-time may seem more like a “want” than a “need,” not taking some time to yourself on a daily basis could actually be having some serious negative impacts on your health.


“Taking time to slow down and spend time with yourself can have many benefits,” says one expert from Providerskills.com, a training organization for medical professionals, “but there is medical evidence that not doing so can contribute to serious health issues.”


Countless studies and articles have stressed the importance of taking some time to yourself for both your mental and physical health. Just a few of the benefits of daily me-time include:


  • Improved concentration
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Aided problem solving skills
  • Recharged brain
  • Improved sleep


Although the most obvious benefits of regular me-time deal with mental health, these benefits (or lack thereof) also manifest in an untold number of physical areas. Being healthy is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and there is no health without mental health. The link between mental and physical health is well-established and the level of each one influences the other.


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