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How Can I Get Rid Of My Love Handles?


Love handles can be one of the most stubborn parts of the body when it comes to trimming unwanted fat. It can take great measures to tone the sides of the abdomen and sometimes it is not possible through diet or exercise alone. In fact, even body builders with as little as 7-10% body fat often struggle with this region. There are, however, many ways to shrink the fat deposits in this area of the body.

Relieve Stress

Stress causes the body to release a hormone called cortisol. This hormone, among other things, can cause additional weight to stick around as part of the body’s defense mechanism against potential food shortages. If you are feeling a lot of stress, reducing your day-to-day activities so that you have more time to relax can play a big part in managing overall stress levels. When stress is caused by circumstances outside of your control, take steps to handle it in healthy ways through meditation, exercise, or yoga.

Get Better Sleep

When we don’t get enough sleep, the body often reacts by producing too much cortisol. This can leave us feeling sluggish and grumpy and cause unhealthy eating habits and weight gain. Better sleep is often overlooked as a method for weight loss but it can have a large impact on your success at shedding remaining unwanted pounds.

The best way to improve your sleeping habits is by maintaining a consistent routine regardless of the day of the week. Ensure that your bedroom is dark, quiet, and cool with no electronic displays in sight. In the city, many people find that their bedroom is never truly pitch black. This can have a serious impact on how well you sleep so consider purchasing black out curtains to stop all of that ambient city light from affecting your sleep.

Form Healthy Habits

  1. Drink more water:

Dehydration is another common cause of stress, partially because many people do not even know that they are dehydrated. It is recommended to drink up to 2 liters of water each day and even more when it is hot out or you’re getting exercise and activity. Before drinking any caffeine in the morning, be sure to have a big glass of water.

  1. Eat regular meals:

Eating meals on a regular basis in an important factor in preventing blood sugar spikes which can lead to weight gain. Experts recommend regular small meals throughout the day until 8PM at night. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

  1. Consume more fruits and vegetables:

The single most important thing you can do to improve your eating habits is to include fruits and vegetables in every meal! They speed up metabolism and keep you full so you’re not snacking on junk throughout the day.

  1. Exercise:

Getting regular exercise will help you keep extra weight off and prevent your body from storing extra fat. Try stretches and exercises which target the love handles specifically.

Cosmetic Treatments

When all else fails – and it might – there is always the reliable cosmetic surgery procedures available. The body does not like to give up its last few pockets of body fat due to leftover evolutionary traits meant to guard against lean times. That is why treatments like liposuction exist and are so popular. With liposuction, it is easy to trim away that little bit of fat and leave you with a more toned appearance.

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