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Housework: the calorie shrinker!


The very thought of cleaning the house is one of apathy and negativity, right? The thought of exercise can also be lethargy and pessimism, correct? Well fear no more as when you combine the two you’ll find happiness within. There is now a one stop solution to solve all your problems. Housework! Housework is a great method to burn calories and keep the house in tip-top-shape. The average homeowner now spends over 60 hours a month doing household chores with a recent study suggesting that we actually feel empowered by cleaning our own homes as a result of being in control.

This is the perfect fix for those of you who simply do not have the time to take a trip to the gym several times a week. It’s cost efficient too! It is incredible to think that you can burn 130 calories by simply perfecting the beds for 30 minutes. Still a little unsure?  Take a look at the best ways to get lean while you clean in this infographic.

Just as if you were at the gym, there are a variety of different domestic workouts that shape different parts of the body. For example digging and raking leaves will tone the arms whilst carrying shopping bags and climbing the stairs will define your legs. Of course you will need to make sure that you do the correct amount of cardiovascular workouts to ensure that you have a stronger heart and lungs. Whether it is inside or out, cleaning the house has it all.

And there it is, what a brilliant incentive to clean your house, save you money and lose calories. What once was that thought of apathy is now a motivation to succeed. For further information on the comparissons between the calories you can burn whilst at home to that of the gym, please refer to the rest of the inforgraphic already displayed.


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