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Homeopathic Remedies for Asthmatic Children


The air, water, and food are three dimensions of the human life. These three are the primary factors on which human life depends forever. The problem with any of this can lead to a life saving problem and that is the reason why asthma is considered as a serious disease. The primary effect of this disease affects straightly on inhaling the air through breathing. The breathing is hindered and it takes the form of life threatening disease. There are perfect homeopathic remedies for Asthma in children, which, if taken on time can cure the disease of the root cause.

The Disease:

This disease is caused mainly by pollution in the air and different types of allergies. There are end numbers of reasons responsible for these factors such as hereditary, low immune system, the constant presence in an atmosphere full of dust and bacterias. In the case of children, it happens due to pets and their bacterias, which remains continuously present around children. These bacteria create inflammation of small bronchial, which are a passage for air flow, and as the way of the air is obstructed, it creates a wheezing sound and the patient gets a very low quantity of air in breathing. Hence, breathing and especially inhaling become difficult for the patient.

The symptoms of the disease:

There are few very visible symptoms of this disease and wheezing sound of the patients’ breathing is primary among all the symptoms. Constant coughing and difficulty in breathing, irregular of fast pulse are some other known symptoms of this disease.

The Responsible Causes:

There are a few factors, which are primarily responsible for the causes of this disease. One of such reasons is an allergy to a number of factors such as dust, chemicals, some medicines, bacterias, grass, smoke and many more. Viral respiratory infection is also a leading cause. In the case of children, the dust mites in the house also play a huge role. Still among majority children allergy and pollution are primary responsible factors for causing asthma.

The cure by homeopathy way:

Usually, this disease is known as a non curable disease. But homeopathy has its perfect cure. The course of action and treatment of this disease in homeopathy vary from case to case and as per the stage and level of the disease, reaction from the patient, and age of the patient. It studies the case completely in terms of heredity, body’s tendency, personal health level and emotional factors.


There are many advantages associated with the treatment of asthma by homeopathy. The foremost important part of this treatment is it is done by medicines which are extracts of some medicinal elements in a very natural way. The pills are having a sugar coating so easy to take in. These pills do not create any side effect, and hence, complete safety of internal organs of the body is assured. It removes the disease from the root, and hence, does not leave any chance for the disease repetition.


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