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Highly Effective Tips for Whiter Teeth


While runway fashions are often dynamic, there is but one striking accessory that will perpetually remain in vogue – sparkling white teeth!

Unfortunately, as we age and acquire more habits, (read: drinking red wine or coffee) we have to exert more effort to preserve our enviable pearly whites.

Maintain a luminous and envy-worthy smile by keeping in mind the following helpful tips.

Include fibrous foods in your diet

  • While some foods and beverages like berries, curry and coffee stain your teeth’s enamel, fibrous foods such as carrots, brocolli, spinach, celery, apples and lettuce do the exact opposite.
  • These wonder foods help whiten your teeth by helping ‘exfoliate’ your pearly whites so that stain will not be able to attach themselves to the teeth’s surface. You can actually liken the procedure to a skin scrub, but for your smile.

Give dental bleaching a try

  • While this method can cost a substantial amount, it is considered one of the most effective teeth whitening options you have at your disposal. Oftentimes, the dentist will begin the procedure by applying carbamide peroxide gel on the surface of the teeth and complete the proceedings using special lasers or heating tools.
  • While the efficacy of dental bleaching is often guaranteed, seeking the approval of a certified dental professional is always advisable as this procedure is deemed not ideal for all.

Use straw when drinking coloured beverages

  • Pigmented liquids such as cranberry juice and red wines are better off consumed using straw. Doing so will help ensure these pigmented drinks will not have an opportunity to infiltrate your teeth’s enamel.
  • As an added advice, it will be a wise idea to always brush teeth immediately after consuming any stain-producing beverage.

Opt for an electric toothbrush

  • If your goal is to remove the extrinsic stains embedded in the outer surface of the teeth, investing in an electric toothbrush is a sound recourse.
  • Deemed by many to be one of the most practical dental products created, the electric toothbrush has stood the test of time because of its ability to help minimise plaque and calculus.

Utilise whitening toothpastes

  • Contrary to popular belief, most whitening toothpastes do not really whiten the teeth. However, it helps dramatically eradicate stains before they get the chance to discolour the enamel.
  • While most toothpastes are manufactured with stain removal in mind, ones with baking soda as an active ingredient is often deemed a more effective choice.

In conclusion, it pays to remember that teeth whitening procedures and products are often less effective if not complemented with routine dental care like flossing and brushing. Afterall, practicing the right dental care can help ensure you can thwart the build-up of plague which can eventually cause teeth discolouration in the long run.


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