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Healthy Nutrition-What Color is The Food on Your Dinner Plate


Written by: Fit With C.H.R.I.S.

An investment in family health through good healthy nutrition is a priceless gift to the entire family. If anyone lacks optimal health, the whole family feels repercussions.

Nevertheless, homemade cooking takes time, something you probably don’t have. Most parents today work; one of them might have two jobs. Many people share a home-based business. The kids are gone to school and maybe have extra activities after school or with friends. Who has time for planning and preparing home-cooked meals?

Visualize Emotional Health

Imagine an early spring day in a northern climate. The snow melted a few weeks ago, so the earth is rich with wet humus. The sun has been heating up the ground, and the wildflower seeds have worked their magic. Gazing at a field rich with wildflowers is a sight that remains in your memory long after the initial joy has passed. The natural palate of color is an emotional high. We love color. Color heals us. Color makes us happy, mellow, or hungry. Different colors affect our emotional state.

 Modern Eating Options

Now, imagine a plate of “quick” homemade macaroni and cheese. The plate is white or clear glass. The macaroni is white. The powered cheese food – not real cheese – is a very light yellow or white. The family’s emotional reaction is bland. Fast food is no different. An original McDonald’s hamburger is a white bun, on a white paper wrapping, with a brown (meat) stripe around the middle. There is no color enticement. The restaurant is orange because that color makes us hungry. Add a free playground; the kids workout, get more hungry, and thirsty.

 Easy Healthy Nutrition Options

You are at the office, but your family can come home to outstanding healthy nutrition options. Place a clear bowl filled with brightly colored red or yellow apples, a few yellow bananas, a tomato or two, and some green kiwis in the middle of the dining room table. Have a clear second bowl, with a glass cover, sitting in the living room near the TV or a computer. In that bowl put unsalted almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans, dried apricots/dates/cranberries/blueberries, and yogurt covered (white) peanuts. In the kitchen, have a Crockpot on low. Inside have green peppers, broccoli, carrots, potatoes and chicken cut in large pieces (small pieces lose their color). Make sure it has fragrant spices and herbs in the broth. Your family has colorful options sitting out and easy to grab. Don’t allow time to be an excuse for poor nutritional health in your family.

When you do have time to cook read Mediterranean cooking. The suggestion is half the plate is greens; a quarter is grains, and the final quarter protein. Cut up leaf lettuce; add some purple salad greens and red tomatoes. Put some yellow peppers in wild rice. Make sure the glazed chicken was grilled to a dark brown in some places and pale yellow in others. Add red zinger iced tea with a lime wedge. What a feast for the eyes as well as the body!

For other recipe ideas, there are a lot of great recipe blog posts like this delicious Mango Chewy Nut Salad.


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