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Hair removal creams: Before jumping to expensive laser treatments!


Some of us have way too much hair on the body than required. Long, beautiful strands look pretty attractive but if present elsewhere on the body gives a very unappealing look. Hair removal is much about hygiene than fashion and hygiene was the first reason to begin with this practice.

Many quick methods have been developed to get rid of unwanted hair but most of these are proved to be risky in many ways. Waxing is the pain causing pest, Undergoing laser technology makes our skin more vulnerable to cancer and shaving is too irritating because it needs to be done on regular basis.

So, by far depilatories are the most effective and less risky way than shaving, laser and waxing.

Why hair removal creams are better than anything?

Obviously wipe off and wipe out sounds as easy to apply as to write. Hair removing creams are better than any other treatments but to be on the safer side you should purchase a cream according to you skin type. By doing this you escape the irritation if the cream does not suit your skin type. Depilatories follow a very simple chemistry; it cracks the hair protein structure and the hair come out easily on simple rubbing. The combination of Sodium hydroxide and calcium glycolate react with hair to give strong unpleasant odor. Besides being cheap to purchase it is painless as well.

Exfoliation is another benefit added to the uses of hair removing creams. When you remove hair the dead cells also get separated from the skin, leaving the skin afresh and glowing. These creams come in various forms like gels, pastes and lotions. Another thing that you will notice after using hair removal creams is that the hair growth after a certain period is softer, while shaving leads to the growth of really hard hair. These creams can be used to treat the sensitive parts of our skin, like upper lip area where waxing or shaving can cause unbearable pain.

Which one to choose?

Varieties of removing creams are available in the market but choosing the right one is the crux. Now, this choice depends upon number of factors like which part of the body needs to be treated?  And most importantly what is your skin type? For this you need to match the ingredients of the cream with you skin type. If you have highly sensitive skin then you should consult a dermatologist before using any cream for removing hair.

Revitol hair removal cream is the best cream so far as recommended by dermatologists. This is effective for both men and women and for all skin types. It contains calcium glycolate and sodium hydroxide with the pH of 11, accompanied with natural soothing ingredients like aloe vera. With best hair removing cream in your pocket you can easily escape the painful practices like waxing and laser, and can enjoy smooth skin.


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