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Good sides of cosmetic surgeries – When nothing else helps


Although plastic surgery has a negative reputation and is mostly associated with Hollywood stars getting unrealistic surgeries, it can be and it was designed to be useful for people who really need help with body modifications in order to fit in with society more.

Plastic surgery is not something that should be taken lightly, as you are permanently altering the way your body will look. This does not mean that unless you are unhappy, you should not go for it, however, there should be limits to it; especially if you are a troubled young teen who wishes to enhance body looks just to seem more normal. Unless there was a serious accident involved, there is no real need to head into the surgery hall.

Young patients

Plastic surgery is not meant to fill up our bodies with fake and plastic stuff, actually it was meant to undo damages done to your body by accidents or to try and repair defects. Most of the time though surgeons have to use non-body materials to fully save someone’s body, but it is not meant to esthetically enhance in any way.

Patients who are young and who suffered a life threating injury should not be left with undeveloped bodies, and they should be helped if it is possible. Also, surgeons tend to lean towards reconstructive procedures to help the body develop on its own pace without any permanent damage.

Young adult patients

Unfortunately, but teen cosmetic surgeries are done so because teens view what adults are doing in the entertainment industry a standard, and they want to fit in more and to look more acceptable. The biggest issue is that while in their teen years, they are still developing their bodies, and it will require some time, so they should patiently wait it out.

Most teens tend to get surgeries which include reshaping of the nose, ears or even jaw lines. Although, there are surgeries which will help teens with troubled skins, acne and acne scar treatment is meant to hide those imperfections forever, so that the teens will not be ridiculed.

Right or wrong?

Non-adult patients should stay away from plastic surgery if they want to improve their physical appearance. Unless there is a defect or a serious scar that need removing, younger patients should try to stay away from plastic surgeons at all. Remember that any procedure leaves permanent marks, and once done, it is extremely hard and painful to undo again.

Do it for yourself

If you truly wish to undergo surgery, and then try to make peace with the fact that you will forever alter your body. But remember to this because you want it, and not because you want to please someone else.

For those who really need plastic surgery, it will be a major victory as they can look into the mirror and see themselves whole once again. The power of plastic surgeons should not be abused; rather it should be used to help mostly



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