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Getting Back Into Shape after the Holidays


After a while, taking care of your body becomes more of a routine, or a lifestyle, than something you do casually. Morning exercise becomes as natural as breakfast, and soon you cannot imagine your week without at least two cardio sessions. However, every now and then the holiday season arrives and forces you to forsake all the hard work you have invested in. To make things worse, it can even nullify the effects of all your hard work so far, and force you to return to step one. Fortunately, where there is a will there is always a way, and here are some tips on how to get back into shape after the holidays.

You can’t just ignore the break

The worst thing about the interruption in your training routine is that you cannot just pick up where you have left off. It doesn’t work that way. What you need to do is go a few steps back, and compose a bit less intensive routine until you are fully recuperated. The longer your break was, the longer you will need to get back to your previously optimal shape. Even though this may seem demoralizing to some (since you are obviously not advancing at this time) this step is more than necessary so try to endure it stoically. If you choose to rush right back in, you risk serious injury, and your body will surely feel the strain. Slow and steady wins the race, as you already know.

Minding the season

The next thing you need to keep in mind here is that the holiday season (in some parts of the world) comes during the winter, which can disrupt you in progressing in your numerous outdoors activities. This mostly reflects on your cardio endeavors. However, there are numerous indoors cardio exercises you can try, that will have pretty much the same results. If you have a closed pool somewhere in your vicinity you can try swimming. In fact, swimming burns more calories than running while having a significantly lower risk of injury. Furthermore, you could also try treadmill running or a skipping rope workout. Either way, your options are numerous so there are no excuses.

Regulating your diet

It is also not unusual that during the holidays you might give in to excessive eating which in this context is completely justified. However, once the holidays pass, you will have to put an end to this. Start rationing your portions and try to always intake an optimal daily calorie count. One thing that is good for getting into shape (and it is connected to the holidays) is the fact that you have mostly been consuming homemade food. This is something that you need to continue doing at all times. Compose a well-balanced holistic diet, consisting of proteins, carbs, fibers, fats and all the other nutrients your body may require. You can always allow yourself a small “slip up”, and enjoy something not strictly considered healthy, as long as you don’t make it a habit, you will do just fine.

Don’t Reach for Crash Diets

If you have managed to gain a few extra pounds during the holidays, once they are over, you will surely start examining your reflection with a frown, and start considering how you could lose them as fast as possible. However, you shouldn’t reach for one of those “lose ten pounds in ten days” kinds of diets, as you very well know this is quite impossible. While you might lose quite a lot in a short amount of time, you are more than likely to gain all of it (or even more) back, as soon as you return to your usual manner of eating. Choose a slower but healthier option instead  – you might not see the desired results as quickly, but they will stick for longer.

Proper aid

Not all is fun and games when it comes to giving up on overeating. This is something extremely difficult and requires a lot of willpower. Therefore, it might not even be a bad idea to turn to gym supplements for help. These supplements will help your improve your athletic performance while regulating your body’s nutrients and food cravings at the same time. Just consult your doctor first and you will manage to make this practice completely beneficial and hazard free.

Stress is not your friend

For some, the holiday season is a source of enormous stress, which is why they choose to eat and drink excessively. This in turn later sends them down a spiral of self punishment, after they realize how their binge has affected their weight. Whatever you are feeling in wintertime, you shouldn’t indulge in your darkest food obsessions. Eating a lot may be a traditional part of the holidays, and you may be powerless to resist all the tasty goodies within your reach, make sure you don’t regret any of your behavior. Try to keep your stress levels at a minimum and enjoy the weather, the socializing and the holiday parties.

Professional help

One more thing that could help would be for you to hire a personal trainer or even a life coach to assist you in your endeavors. Sure, you can ask your more experience friend for help, but it is always simpler and more effective to ask a licensed expert to do so. A good trainer will know all the tiniest tips and tricks that could help you out in getting back into shape sooner. You will also learn how to combine your present lifestyle with your future fitness goals, and do so with the slightest adjustments possible.

Finally, what you need the most is to arm yourself with a lot of will and even more patience. Start by taking it slow, but proceed vigilantly towards your desired results. If the going gets tough, do not get discouraged but get going. Never falter and never, ever surrender! Your future self will thank you one day, and you will ultimately feel much better in your skin.


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