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Get a Facelift Without Surgery


Many people want a way to reduce signs of aging to improve their personal, relationship, and professional lives. It’s a growing industry, among both women and men. The only thing holding back face lift popularity is price. Like all surgical procedures, face lifts can be costly.

There’s some good news, though. Non-surgical facelifts are becoming increasingly affordable, effective, and popular. Although they are not the right choice for everyone, they are worth trying if you want to look younger and feel happier.

“Facelift in a Jar”

“Facelift in a Jar” products are not true facelifts. Instead, they are advanced cosmetics that can improve appearance for a short amount of time, usually less than a week. However, they are affordable and safe!

These products are typically creams including dimethylethanolamine, an alcohol that tightens skin, or a combination of amino acids, the basic building blocks of cells. Dimethylethanolamine tightens skin for a period of a few days and has a clinical effect improving mood. Amino acids are absorbed into skin, giving a temporary boost to skin volume and elasticity before being used up or dissipated elsewhere into the body. Other common ingredients are anti-oxidants that slow aging and reduce blemishes. Most topical facelift creams produce noticeable results for patients. Also, most can be applied at home.

Oxylift and Other Electrical Devices

Some devices use electrical current to generate ozone on the surface of the skin. These devices were originally patented to sanitize acne, blemishes, and burns with blasts of ozone. While certainly effective at that, the research is still inconclusive as to whether the devices actually tighten wrinkles in most patients. Still, the low-level current is safe for use and worth a try.

Radiofrequency/Laser Non-Surgical Facelifts

An experimental, but very promising, approach to nonsurgical facelifts is the selective heating of the underlying collagen structure of the skin. This can be achieved through either radiofrequency or low-intensity laser. The heat reforms the collagen bonds and increases elasticity. This treatment is completely painless and typically works after just one session.


Fillers, like Sculptra, are injectables that restore lost collagen. They need to be injected over several sessions to build up collagen. They increase elasticity for about two years after the last session.


Of the methods on this list, Botox is the most heavily tested and provably effective treatment. Botox uses a dilute toxin to tighten muscles in the face. It works immediately and lasts for up to 6 months. It is safe, affordable, and reliable. If you have tried a few other methods and have not seen the results you want, Botox is a great solution.


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