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Do I Get to Choose My Size in a Breast Reduction?


Not exactly, but there’s a very good reason why you can’t.

A surgeon performing a breast reduction needs to bring the breast size into proportion with the rest of your body. Too much or too little would look unnatural. You can choose an ideal shape, height, and firmness, and your surgeon will work with you to find an appropriate size reduction to achieve your goals.

Breast Reduction as Reshaping

Breast reductions accomplish much more than just decreasing cup size. They also remove excess skin, causing skin to hold breast tissue more firmly. This allows surgeons to change how the breasts hang, distribute weight, and hold their shape. The removal of skin and subsequent breast reshaping will be a more significant change than the reduction of volume, and cannot be represented as just a decrease in cup size.

Breast Reduction as Whole Body Modification

Most people are surprised at how much a breast reduction changes the way they look. Some people even think a breast reduction changes how their stomach or back looks, just because the body proportions are different.

With that in mind, a surgeon needs to apply years of experience in order to find the best proportions for each woman. Surgeons will not think in terms of bra sizes, since bra manufacturers’ sizes are far from standardized. Instead, they will think about body type.

Communicating Goals

Instead of asking for a specific cup size, bring in photographs of sample breast reductions that achieved what you want for your own body. Try to pick photographs of women of a similar height and weight as yourself. Your surgeon will tell you if a similar effect can be achieved on your body.

Reduction Limits: Natural

Women who are larger or taller naturally have large breasts. Surgeons will typically choose less aggressive reductions in order to make the proportions appear natural.

This may mean that a breast reduction will not result in what you might think is a “normal” size. Many woman hope to go down to a C-cup, because they feel it’s a ‘normal’ size in which many bras come in. This is usually possible, but not always. A D-cup that looks natural is better than a C-cup that looks out of proportion.

Reduction Limits: Medical

Women who are shorter or smaller will typically end up with smaller breasts after a reduction, for similar reasons. However, women who want a very flat chest for a slim profile may sometimes run up against medical limits. There is a limit to the amount of skin and tissue that can be removed without decreasing nipple sensitivity, and thus ability to breastfeed.  Surgeons will attempt to find a size that is medically viable and appropriate as per the plastic surgery procedure, but still in proportion to the body.

Proportionality and patient safety are much higher concerns than the exact size. You will likely be amazed, though, at how much proper-sized breasts can change your figure, resulting in you not caring too much about the label sizes of your new bras.


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