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Foot Health Facts for Professional Athletes


No matter what physical activity you do, your feet are usually doing the greatest part by themselves. This, along with the fact that your feet may sometimes serve as the perfect indicator of your general health, shows just how important to you they really are. Because they do all this work, they are often exposed to the greatest risk of injury and as such should always have a special place on your priorities list.

Because of the nature of their lifestyle, all the training, physical hardships and general hygiene conditions in gyms and locker-rooms, professional athletes are a demographic group the most endangered of developing a foot issue. However, becauseknowing one’s enemy is the first step in beating him,here’s the short list of the most common foot issues in athletes along with few tips in dealing with them.

Heel pain

This foot issue is one of the most popular and most common of all. It occurs most commonly because a person in question may wear worn out shoes, foot-ware that do not fit or are simply not designed for that particular sport. This causes the inflammation of the foot tissue in the heel region which is highly unpleasant. Luckily, it is highly treatable in several ways but the safest course of action would be to visit your podiatrist for a medical advice.

Ankle sprain

This is anextremely serious foot injury that often requires an urgent medical assistance. The two most common reasons for this occurring are training in inadequate foot-ware and skipping stretching. Although it is treatable, it may incapacitate athlete from training and competing for a significant period of time, thus posing a serious problem for his or hers career.


Also commonly known as “old lady’s toe”, can present a serious problem to an athlete since it transfers the carrying structure of the foot from muscles to ligaments and bones, thus making foot significantly more unstable. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out how this might present a serious threat to a professional athlete.

Regular checkups

Although, it is true that most of the foot issues are highly treatable and that some of them may perish even without any direct intervention, it is far better solution to prevent any potential difficulty even before it happens. It is highly recommendable for any professional athlete to visit sports podiatry at least once a month in order to make sure that the health of their feet is at a satisfactory level.

Taking the precautions

There are many things one can do in order to prevent any of these things from happening.First of all, in any professional sport a proper foot-ware is a must. This goes without saying. Next, one needs to take special care of the hygienic conditions of the training and do his or hers best to improve them in any way possible.Stretching properly before any training is a must and should not be skipped for any reason whatsoever. In the end, a regular foot checkup with a podiatrist can sometimes go a long way, since you can never be too safe when your feet are in question.

A foot health is a thing that should be taken seriously no matter what your line of work is. For a professional athlete however, the health of his or hers feet is also of crucial significance for their career. When all of this is taken into consideration, one can clearly see, that going to a regular podiatric checkup is the least one can do in order to ensure the general health of his or hers feet.

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