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Five Ways to Get Better Abs


Fact: you can’t crunch your way to better abs. Sit-ups will not do it for you either. And you cannot achieve them in five, ten, or fifteen minutes. Misconceptions about getting the elusive six-pack abs abound, but we have five truths that will help you achieve them – and keep them too!

We have listed the five methods that fitness and health experts agree on when it comes to achieving a ripped midsection. You’ll be surprised at how basic and uncomplicated they are!

  1. Watch what you eat.

Man eats an enormous roll

One of the primary reasons why lean abs are so hard to achieve is because of its location and function. It’s the food’s storeroom and it gets squished a lot so belly fat tends to form more easily than those of, say, the arms and the legs. The key to achieving a flat, toned belly is to watch the things you eat. Aside from making sure that you have your macronutrient trifecta (lean proteins, good fats, and good carbs) incorporated in your balanced diet, it would also help to increase your fiber consumption. Fiber aids in digestion and therefore helps you avoid bloating and the buildup of fat in the midsection. You can also add protein shakes to your diet which can be bought cheaper using discount codes.

  1. Work out your core.


A thousand sit ups will never be half as good as a good five to ten minute of planks. The main difference between a sit up and a plank is that a plank, though has fewer movements than a sit up, works more muscles and therefore burns more fat.

  1. Go for overall workout and not just the abs.


Work on your obliques. Work on your pelvic muscles. Work your sides and upper body. Focusing solely on ab workouts defeats the purpose of working out and will only hinder abdominal muscle development. Instead, distribute your muscle workout routine through different groups as this promotes faster and more efficient fat loss and will therefore will speed up the development of your toned abs. Making all the muscle groups work means maximum metabolic activity and will make sure you get optimal results even if you don’t work out daily.

  1. Be smart with your cardio workouts.


The road to achieving ripped abs is not through fast cardio. It’s not about slow and long cardio either. According to fitness experts, the most efficient way to lose fat is to do interval workouts. For instance, instead of exclusively running on the treadmill for thirty minutes, cut the running time between thirty seconds to a minute. Get off the machine and do a set of sit ups and then get back on the machine. This helps you burn more fat than non-interval cardios.

  1. Slow down.

Effective ab workouts are more about quality than quantity. Take the time to work on those muscles and feel the burn. The goal is to not make as many repetitions as you can; the goal is to work every single muscle in your target area: the core. The stronger your core muscles are, the faster, more efficient they are at burning that pesky belly fat. Five minutes of side planks will always yield better results than 20 or even a hundred crunches.


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