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Five Tricks to Help You Lose Weight as You Age


Weight management is one of those difficult tasks we all have to think about at some point or another. As we begin to age, our body’s metabolism naturally slows down and as a result, many struggle to figure out how to lose weight effectively as bodies change but habits don’t. Weight management is also an important indicator for overall health and disease prevention, so it’s important to stay on top of it. And though your motivation may wane from time to time, there are five tricks to help you in this process.

Dress for Your Current Body 
When you used to be a size 2 and are currently a size 10, you may hold on to old clothes and dream of getting into them one day. Let go of the old clothing if you can since it only serves to frustrate and taunt you. Dress your best at the current size you are. Don’t wait until five dress sizes are dropped to look and feel the best. If you reward yourself this way, it can make the process of losing weight more challenging and difficult to get through.

Cook More Meals At Home 
Fast food and dining out may be convenient for people with a busy schedule, but the greasy menus and full-fat options on any given menu will cause the weight to pile on quickly. Weight loss is 70% diet, so focus on preparing delicious and healthy meals at home. This is a great way to begin seeing the pounds drop, and save a couple of dollars too.

Prepare Healthy Desserts
Anyone who has a sweet tooth knows it can be a struggle to avoid the cookies, cakes, and desserts in the stores. Thankfully, there are tons of healthy alternatives. Buy a stack of bananas and allow them to get extremely ripe. When bananas are at their ripest, they are the sweetest. When frozen at their ripest, their freshness and sweetness is preserved. Put the frozen bananas in a food processor along with a few drops of vanilla extract and any other sweet fruit like mango and/or pineapple. This is a creamy, delicious and guilt-free alternative to ice cream.

Incorporate Weight Training
There are many people who have gym memberships with access to weights, yet are intimidated by the work it takes or don’t know what moves to start with. Start small and make an effort to ease into a weight-lifting regimen twice a week to start. No matter where you are, you should always access to weights. Use soup cans if nothing else is around. Those who live in a community or association setting like Sunshine Retirement Living can usually use the exercise equipment on site. Though it may not have been one of your reasons for retiring in Louisiana, weight lifting is great for building stamina and muscle strength as well as shedding pounds. There’s no excuse not to begin weight lifting.

Drink More Water
The body is primarily made up of water and needs it to survive. Many times, people will eat thinking they’re hungry, when they’re really just thirsty. Be intentional about making sure water is a major part of each day. Carry a bottle around and count how many times you fill it each day.

These are just a few of the tricks available for losing weight as a person ages. Once a routine is solidified, it actually isn’t difficult to maintain this regimen. Overtime, your body will be looking vibrant and fabulous!

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