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Fitness Freak: How to Keep Up Your Routine in Cold Weather


Getting into the groove of an enjoyable fitness routine takes creativity, prioritization, and dedication to carry out, especially when the weather is less than favorable. When the colder weather arrives, it can be tempting to forego exercise entirely, however with the right fitness plan in place, you may even look forward to your work out despite the colder temperatures. Winter fitness brings with it a variety of opportunities to focus on and enjoy like winter-only recreational exercises and activities that increase energy, brighten your mood, and burn calories to boot.

Winter Fitness
Joining a gym is one option for maintaining fitness over the cold winter months, but carrying out your regular outdoors exercise routine is possible with a few small modifications. The colder weather requires keeping safe. Colder months can be dark, wet and slippery and result in hypothermia without the proper precautions. Wearing layers insulates you against the elements, including wind, and are easily removable in the event of over-heating. Wearing a non-cotton hat and gloves will also be smart to keep extremities warm, and the body heat retained correctly.

Another good idea is paying attention to the direction of the wind, if you head into the wind to begin with, after you’ve worked up a sweat, you can pivot and complete your workout with the wind behind you, staying warmer for the whole run. Finally, staying hydrated before, during, and after your work out is especially important no matter the weather.

Great Cold Weather Exercises
There are numerous lists full of supporting evidence on the benefits of participating in consistent, year-round exercise. Strength training activities in particular are a great option for keeping up with your exercise routine, in addition to endurance, balance, and flexibility exercises. The winter months can be dangerous with risk for conditions like frostbite, hypothermia, and effects on the heart. According to Dr. Gilbert Webb in St. Louis, who cares for women with high-risk pregnancies, the key to keeping up with an existing cold weather exercise routine is maintaining your current level of activity. If you enjoy moderate activity like brisk walking, stick with it instead of advancing into more intense exercises.

Finally, remembering all of the benefits associated with exercise will motivate you to stick to your routine, even when you’d rather stay in and keep cozy. The colder time of the year is often associated with the winter-blues, and holidays that make you gain weight. Maintaining a good level of energy will effectively help fight depression and keep the physique well-maintained.


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