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How to Find a Weight Loss Solution that Works for You When you are Fed Up with Gimmicks and Crazy Diets


How many times have you tried to lose weight with lettuce-only diets and dance classes that made you feel funny? Like most Americans, finding the right weight loss solution is difficult because so many passing exercise and diet fads tend to lure people into believing they are guaranteed to lose weight. Many programs are so bad that they actually cause more harm than good, especially weight loss supplements that are associated with meal replacements.

Finding the right weight loss solution is all about personality. Use the following tips to help you discover who you are, and what solution works best for your personality:

What Type of Person Are You?

The answer to this question can help solve so many personal issues, including what weight loss plan fits your lifestyle and personality.

The Heavy Snacker

If you snack all day long, you’re probably too busy to actually sit down and make a full meal. The food you choose to eat isn’t always the healthiest; rather, you pick items that are the most convenient at the time. Control your eating habits by never keeping full boxes or bags of food around you. Before you know it, those boxes will be empty and you’ll be 1,000 calories fuller than you were before. Always have multiple bottles of water to drink from within reach and try chewing on gum to curve food cravings until meal time has rolled around.

The Team Player

You’ve always had a large support group around. Wherever you go, you’ve always been with your friends or family, and you crave support from other people. If this sounds like you, never go to the gym alone or try exercise fads at home. Join a group workout class that meets at least twice a week and interact with your gym buddies. Consistency is key when trying to lose weight, and they’ll always encourage you to come to class.

The Non-Conformist

If you hate counting calories and think you can better spend your time doing other things, this might be your weight loss personality. You normally don’t work hard at eating right and therefore continue to gain weight, regardless of what exercise you do. To succeed at losing weight, become aware of how big your meals are, and reduce your intake amount accordingly. You won’t have to count calories, but you must ensure you only have a small plate in front of you at all times.

The Basics of a Solid Workout Plan

Now that you’ve discovered what type of person you are and the basics of how you should monitor your food intake, your workout plan should include some basic essential elements that will help you lose weight, regardless of how often you hit the gym.


Drink plenty of water during your exercise routine. If you don’t drink water, you’ll become hydrated and your body won’t be able to burn as many calories as it should.

Your Schedule

How does your schedule fit around your exercise plan? According to the professionals of the Chicago Weight Loss Clinic who offer personalize weight loss programs, many people fail to lose weight because they set expectations for themselves that are too high. Only exercise as much as you can every week without putting too much strain on the rest of your life.

Base the Workout on Science

Your workout should be based on facts and statistics. Ask a personal trainer if the exercises will work, how to adjust your workouts to increase performance, and whether or not something is only a passing fad. Unproven workout routines can be very hazardous to your health.

Additional Options: Meal Plans

Some people simply cannot control the food they eat. The controlled meal option is perfect for these types of consumers. These programs can be quite expensive, but thousands of participants have lost a significant amount of weight during their paid membership days. Most meals are delivered to their homes on a daily basis and then consumed as directed. Each meal is carefully selected and contains an exact amount of every type of food group, and a precise amount of calories and carbohydrates.

Check Out the Program Before You Sign Up

Some weight loss programs work very well. If you find one that you think fits your personality, schedule and food criteria, make sure they offer some type of counseling to help you with your weight loss journey. The program itself might dictate what weight goal you should try to achieve because they base the number off of your current condition and the results from previous clients.

Many weight loss programs that are catered to the specific needs of a patient by a doctor will have extensive information on the success and failure rates of their participants. Ask to see numbers first before you agree to sign up.

Consistency is the most important thing to remember when trying to lose weight. Those who stay consistent with their workouts, lifestyles and meal choices will yield the best results.


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