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Feeling the Effects of Aging? Here’s What You Can Do…


Many people are living longer thanks to advancements in medicine and lifestyle changes. According to the National Institute on Aging, average life expectancy in developed countries has increased to almost 88 in some countries. However, the increase of age brings more effects associated with the aging process. Some of the best ways to combat the effects of aging are a combination of lifestyle and dietary changes. Below are just a few ways you can make changes to combat the aging process in your own life.


Staying Active in Every Way Possible

Range of motion exercises that encourage muscle and bone density are important as the body ages. The best activities are enhanced daily living activities and a set exercise routine in the morning. In fact, daily walking is a simple, yet effective exercise that can reduce the risk of dementia or other age-related diseases. Routines can be simple such as a morning stretch to a rigorous hot-yoga workout. The key here is to alternate activities so that it works all muscle groups in the body and retains bone mass. The graceful movements in exercises such as Tai Chi and Yoga can help to encourage concentration and mental fortitude. It can also help develop balance to prevent falls.


Exercise the Mind

There is a common saying that the mind is a terrible thing to waste. This is especially true as you age. Keeping the mind sharp and entertained are important factors in reducing aging. The key here is to reduce boredom and change up routines to keep the mind sharp. Aging smartly includes constantly learning and challenging yourself. Learning new skills might have a more profound impact on retaining memory and slowing the rate at which information is lost. Examples include learning a new instrument or changing up reading routines. You might even consider being on the receiving end of hormone replacement therapy from Genemedics Health Institute as method of fighting off the aging process.


Reduce Dietary Oxidation and Inflammation

Some of the biggest culprits in the aging process are foods that contain ingredients that increase inflammation and free radicals in the body. Heart disease and diabetes are some of the most common diseases reported. High intake of sugar and salt can contribute to inflammation in the body. Intake of key minerals such as calcium is important for both men and women. Important supplementary ingredients such as omega 3’s can be found in fish and other seafood. Super foods such as nuts and berries are an excellent addition to the diet that makes a great snack throughout the day. These foods are shown to balance blood sugar and provide protection against free radicals.


Reducing aging is a process of fine-tuning and striking a balance between routines and discovering new challenges. The most important factor is paying attention to both your mental and physical health throughout the process.


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