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Facing Your Frustrations – 5 Daily Steps to Improve Your Mood


As a Life Coach, an interesting question which is raised regularly in my practice is, ‘what makes some people happy in poor situations and, for others who appear to have everything, why do they continue to be miserable?’  The answer is of course ‘attitude’, but if it were that simplistic, then I’d be out of a job because, wouldn’t we all choose to be happy?

Realistically, it stands to reason that more things must be in play other than a desire to feel upbeat, and the outward appearance of someone’s situation in life appearing to be ideal can, of course, be deceiving.

With that in mind, I decided discuss today some simple methods that can be utilised to change one’s mindset from negative to positive and address challenges that can be preventing you from turning the sunshine on in your life.  Let’s look at a couple of simple ways that I have implemented to bring a change to my attitude.

Get your zzzz’s in

If I told you there was a way to improve your mood, reduce the risk of a heart attack, heart disease, diabetes, control your weight, improve your looks, as well as boosting your sex life – all from the comfort of your bed, you’d jump at it right?

Simply getting enough quality sleep can give you all these benefits and more.

For me, the emphasis was only ‘enough’. I was certainly getting the right amount, but always awoke feeling exhausted. Enter my Koala mattress to save the day.  The difference this one step made on its own was dramatic to how I faced each morning.

Sing Like Nobody’s Listening!

I was brought up in a family where everybody sang all day, every day.

Somehow, between work, kids and socialising, the fun had been lost, and I decided it was high time I brought it back.  Just the act of singing can be cathartic, as well as being a great way to boost your mood levels and even your immune system!

Eat, Drink and be Merry

An often overlooked facet of mental health is diet.

With depression being one of the first symptoms of a myriad of ailments, then it stands to reason that keeping yourself healthy will go a long way to keeping your outlook cheerful.  My motto to my children has always been “vegetable, fruits, nuts and seeds, these are all my body needs!”.  Whilst it may be a bit restrictive, it provides a basic blueprint to stick to and ingesting as little animal product as possible whilst completely avoiding refined sugar and carbs, is a good place to start.

Avoid alcohol.  Whilst it may seem like it lifts your mood, the effect is unfortunately temporary and the depression which follows can be all-consuming and begin a vicious cycle where you are constantly chasing that first drink ‘glow’.

Positive Outlook

Part of our attitude to life is a learned response that can actually be rewired.

Change your perspective and you change your world.  My father used to start the day singing “oh, what a beautiful morning!”  When I asked him why, his response was, “there is no point starting the day miserable”.  The message has stuck with me; everyday we have a choice to set the tone of the day how we wish it to proceed, so let your day begin on a high.

Find your Key to Happiness

Take a walk, listen to music, sit in the park, ride a bike – there are so many ways that you can take a timeout on your daily life and just chill.  Surrounding yourself with positive people who encourage and make you laugh is a perfect solution to raising your spirits.

Whilst the above suggestions can lift your mood, if you think you may be suffering from something a little more serious that just a bit of a funk, then you may need to consult a professional or counselling such as can be found at BeyondBlue.  Life should be a wonderful, exciting and enjoyable adventure, so get out there and live it up!


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