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Facial Care: Taking Care Of Your Eyelids


For most people, eyes are the most attractive part of anybody’s face. When you meet somebody for the first time, their eyes are the first thing you will look at. Eyes tell something about people’s characteristics, they can look cheerful, warm or sad. And they can make us look younger or older.

It’s not just about the eyes precisely. Eyelids and eyelashes frame our eyes. That’s why it’s important to take proper care of them. They are a very sensitive part of our face, so you should know exactly how to do that. Eyelids, being a tiny part of our face, often stay unattended and neglected. You should change this as of today, as soon as you read just how exactly to take care of your eyelids.

Why is moisturizing so important

Our eyelids are always exposed to sun and dust. They are constantly protecting our eye from the outside influence and they are also exposed to all of it. What’s more, the skin on eyelids is extremely thin. Still, this feature makes eyelids capable of absorbing the moisturizer much more quickly and effectively than any other part of our skin. Not putting the moisturizer onto your eyelids will lead to their dehydration. And dehydration consequently leads to what most of us dread – the occurrence of wrinkles, which are even more visible and present on the lower eyelids. People usually ignore this part around the eye, so make sure you don’t make that mistake, too.

What you should also bear in mind is that not any moisturizing cream is the same. You should choose the moisturizing creams with peptides because they are the best at activating the cells in your skin. When the cells are activated, they start producing collagen, which, as we all know, reduces in production as we get older. Of course, there is a solution for that, but before we find a proper eyelid surgery, we should also try to help our skin in a natural way.

The best time to put a moisturizer on your skin is just after having a shower or washing your face. That’s when your skin is still wet, so there is no better moment to help it keep its moisture by putting a carefully chosen product.

Hydrate your body

Putting a good moisturizer on your face won’t be enough. You need to hydrate your organism from the inside. It’s no secret that our body is mostly made from water, and its level varies throughout our lives, depending on our age, gender, weight, etc. Our bodies are losing water throughout the day, so it’s important to keep it hydrated. At least 2 liters of water a day should be drunk, no matter if it’s summer or winter, in order to help your organism clean itself and your skin to stay elastic. The more elastic your skin is, the less trouble with saggy eyelids you’ll have. So keep that bottle of water close to you!

Keeping your eyelids clean and healthy

The fact that the skin on our eyelids is very thin is why the eyelids are very prone to contact dermatitis, whether it is allergic or irritant. We tend to rub and touch our eyelids with our dirty hands, which helps to develop this disease a lot. Itchy and burning eyelids are an unpleasant consequence of contact dermatitis. Cosmetics and hair products we use can also be a source of dermatitis, as well as glues used in artificial nails. There are creams and home remedies for contact dermatitis that can help, but the most important thing is to refrain ourselves from touching our eyelids more than needed, and also pay attention to what products we use on the rest of our body. Only healthy skin on our eyelids can guarantee a fresh and young look.

Overall, taking care of our eyelids is an everyday thing. What’s important is to be consistent with the treatments and care. Otherwise, the result won’t be as satisfying as you have expected.


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