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Everything you Wanted To Know About Getting a 6-Pack


Getting six pack abs is undoubtedly at the top of the list of many when it comes to a desired body frame. Most men often work very hard to get six packs, but often fail because of the fact that six packs doesn’t only require hard work, but also need smart, focused work along with the use of the best supplements. Let us look at some factors to be taken into consideration when you are trying to build six pack ABS.

Are you over exerting yourselves?

The most primary mistake that men commit in order to get six packs is that they always target quantity. They think the more, the better. Hundreds of crunches a day might not help even the slightest when it comes to building six packs. The main reason behind this is that like every other muscle in the body, the abdominal muscles also take a certain amount of time to mold according to the changing situation. The best way is to start off with a low rep count and then increase it gradually when it gets too easy for you.

There are several layers of fats, covering the ABS:

Often, people forget the layers of fat that usually cover the abdominal region. Most men tend to have a lot of fat around the gut region. So, the only way out is to work hard at dropping your total physique fat ratio to slowly get the desired ABS. This includes having a proper, balanced diet and doing some muscle movements like squats and deadlifts etc. that directly hit the calories. You may also use growth hormone supplements that boost metabolic rate, thus helping you to lose fat.

All round exercises:

A sturdy body is essential for executing any energetic movements. So, we can conclude that getting six pack ABS requires overall training and not something that focuses only on the ABS while neglecting other parts of the body.
The abdominal region is basically a layer of muscles named rectus abdominis. This muscle starts from the ribcage and extends up to your pubic bone. Any ab exercise will involve and affect the entire region. In fact, such exercises form the basis of connecting your upper and lower body and you need to ensure that you do all round exercises and take the help of bodybuilder supplements to support a supple body frame that can execute the moves without hurting the muscles.
It’s important to note here that aggressive and intense resistance training, which is challenging as well, will do more for your ABS than mere crunches. With such training, you can build lean mass, burns a lot of calories, and even have a significant effect on your hormone profile, all of which will help you attain those six packs.

Include variety:

When you train to get six pack ABS, make sure to include a variety of training so that your overall routine is well balanced. For example, you can categorize your ab training as follows:
•    Exercising the upper flexion (say, with a weighted crunch)
•    Exercising the lower flexion (with hanging knee raises)
•    Rotation (Russian twists)
•    Exercising the double flexion (row boats)
•    Exercising the side flexion
•    Anti-movement/stability exercises like planks, Cable Pallof Press

You should remember that a principal function of the abs is to help maintain the relationship between the rib cage and the pelvis, even under huge force. Though many people neglect stability exercises, you shouldn’t make the same mistake, especially if you want to get it right from an athletic perspective and want to sport six packs.

Be patient and continue your training:

Impressive physical transformations are possible, but they are neither quick nor can happen as an overnight miracle. If you are obese or you have more fat than required by your body, it is probably because of your genes.  When you try and lose this body fat, basically what you do is try to fight your genes. In this context, it is to be noted that the more the body fights to shed fat, the slower the metabolism gets and the longer it takes to develop ABS. The body begins to fight because of the scarcity of fats as it is programmed to store fats. Studies reveal that the lesser the body fat, the lesser is the rate at which they are burnt. When you shed off enough body fat, you will be able to see your ABS the first time round. But you may soon stop noticing them. To explain it, let us assume that you are some 20 pounds more than your desired weight. Losing the first 10 pounds will be an easy job (when you get the first glimpse of your ABS) but getting rid of the next 10 will test your patience and perseverance. It is here that the use of the best bodybuilding supplements available in the market can help.

The final statement about six pack ABS:

It is not a quick process. It is not easy. It includes sticking to a healthy diet and rigorous training sessions. But with a disciplined lifestyle, you can surely spot those six pack ABS.


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