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Eating Right & Exercising? What to Do When It Seems Like the Fat Won’t Fall Off


Whether you’ve been eating healthy foods or engaging in a new exercise routine for months or years, you’re noticing that the weight just isn’t coming off. Instead of surrendering and returning to your old ways, consider some different approaches you can take to bring the number on the scale down.

Visit the Doctor

The National Health Service reminds you that your inability to lose weight might be connected to a medical issue. Without a visit to the doctor, you can’t deal with this barrier that’s stifling your progress. For example, you might have an under-active thyroid, or your age might be preventing you from losing weight by using your current methods. A doctor’s guidance can help you find methods that do work.

Evaluate Your Exercise Routine

Doing an aerobics tape for a few minutes several times per week is probably not going to cause a huge decrease in the number that you see on the scale. Try to find a more organized and disciplined way to spend your allocated time for exercise. Joining a gym or a team sport is one way to better motivate yourself. If you’re spending the money for an activity, you’ll probably be more likely to do it. Also, you can look into gyms that offer exciting classes, such as dance or swim.

Keep a Food Journal

You might feel as though you are constantly eating healthy foods but still cannot lose weight. The problem may be that you’re not fully aware of what you’re eating. Right now, start a food journal. Keep track of every piece of food and beverage that you put into your mouth. At the end of the week, review the journal. Highlight any items that are unhealthy. By using this method, you may see that you’re having too many snacks or cocktails after work.

Procure Liposuction

When your body isn’t responding well to diet and exercise, you can look into liposuction from a professional, like those at the Advanced Aesthetic & Laser Surgery facility. Keep in mind that you will have to find out if you are a candidate for this procedure. Even if you can’t lose all of the weight that you want with liposuction, you can get a start with it. Losing some pounds can encourage you to keep up with a healthier lifestyle so that the weight doesn’t come back on.

The inability to lose weight is frustrating. When you feel as though you’ve been trying without results, take some time to evaluate the situation and to see if you can do more.

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