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Dos and Don’ts of Personal Training


Like every other profession, personal training also has some issues. The biggest problem is that it is not regulated properly and therefore anyone can jump right in even if he/she is qualified or not. Most gyms hire trainers at a little cost and let them loose to succeed or fail on their own. Because of this reason, the personal training industry has become a revolving door for the people who are looking for an easy profession. Our goal is to change that in whatever manner we can. We aim to motivate people who want to join this profession to develop the required skills through proper training lessons. Those who cannot, for any reason, join a virtual training class can now opt for several online training courses. Such courses are specially designed to help people succeed in their careers as a professional personal trainer. For example, Origym is one of the best professional course provider that specializes in REP’s recognized personal trainer courses. They have courses that can optimize your knowledge and perfect your practicality if you want to be a successful fitness professional.

Once you have attained all the professional training skills and have started your journey as a fitness professional you will have to keep certain things in your mind. Here are our top three dos and don’ts for personal trainers:

  1. Do not chase the money; Focus on building your brand.

Most people will hate us for saying this but the truth is that you are probably not going to make much money in your beginning years. This is because it always takes time to gain knowledge and develop adequate skills. You will have to show people that you are a qualified professional who can get results. Moreover, it also takes time to build a strong clientele base and following. Your current customers will act as a walking and talking advertisement for your services. Therefore, you will have to focus on doing a great job coaching your current customers and the referrals will come.

  1. Do not only focus on training, keep educating yourself in the business.

Training your customers is only half the battle. The training business is the other half. You must spend some time to learn more business strategies in your earlier years. Learning about financial strategies, marketing, management, and sales techniques will take you a long way. Being able to train people effectively is important, but you will also need to know required the methods and strategies to manage and grow your business.

  1. Do not take every client; focus on developing a niche.

It can be very tough to turn away clients especially when you have just started your career. You need to look at your clients as the potential business developers and marketers for your brand. If you are incredibly knowledgeable about flexibility, mobility and corrective exercise then it is better to turn away a client who comes to you looking to compete in physique. This is because it will not only dilute your brand by making it more difficult for you to show, but also will make it difficult for the other people to know what your specialty is. Do not try to be a jack of all trade instead pick up something that you want to be great at and just focus on that.


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