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Different Soles For Different Folks : A Guide To Men’s Athletic Footwear


If you are a fitness conscious person, you will surely be incorporating some or the other form of exercise in your daily schedule.

It’s important that you consider the right gear for your fitness regimen as well. Donning workout gear like athletic shoes and sports clothing keeps you comfortable, and better equipped to get on with your routine without any breaks or injuries.

Types of Athletic Shoes

Depending on your choice of fitness activity, you can choose from walking shoes, running shoes, cross trainers and other sports specific shoes. It is important to buy the right kind, because different shoes are designed to meet the demands of specific sports.

For instance, running shoes have extra cushioning for flexibility at the ball of the foot while allowing you to maintain stability. Among the leading shoe brands, Puma offers running shoes for men. You can buy Puma shoe online at Rediff.com at great rates.

Walking shoes are everyday shoes with a good amount of cushioning to absorb the impact to the heel and the toes. Sports specific shoes are designed to meet the unique needs of each sport. For example golf shoes have cleats for traction on the turf. Cross trainers prove to be a money saving alternative as they are mid way between running shoes and sports specific shoes.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Athletic Shoes

Whether you are shopping online or buying from a brick and mortar outlet, it’s important that you choose the best fitting athletic shoe . Here are a few pointers that will guide you to buying an athletic shoe that offers the best fit.


  • Analyse Your Gait


The choice of shoe depends a lot on your gait. While walking/running, if your feet lands on the outside edge, a high arch shoe with shock absorbing cushioning is the best choice. On the other hand, if your feet tend to roll inward a lot, a motion control stabilising shoe will suit you better.

  • Try Out

It is always better that you try the shoes on after lacing up, and walk around the store for a while. Any discomfort right at the beginning can help you choose a better fitting pair.


  • Time Your Buy

When buying athletic shoes, it is the fit that matters the most. It is recommended that you buy shoes towards the end of the day, because that is when your feet expand the most.  So buying shoes in the evening will ensure the right fit.

Now that you are clear on the type of athletic shoe to buy, head on to your favourite online store, lace up, and get ready to enjoy your fitness routine.


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