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Dieting for Cheap: How to Cut Costs on Your Weight Loss Plan


Losing weight can be an uphill battle, and in order to be successful, you must stick with a plan that works. For a plan to be good for you, it must also be cost effective. Luckily, going to the gym is not the only way to get a great workout, and dining on frozen dinners from fitness companies is not the only way to eat healthy meals. Losing weight is a process that can be done on your own time in your home.

Do More Exercise at Home
Gym memberships can be costly, especially if you are going more than once a week. Something simple like walking around your neighborhood can help you shed pounds and fit in a time for fitness in your schedule. Your walk should include commutes to places that are blocks from your house and can help you get errands done.

Consider using things around the house as exercising equipment to cut costs as well. Soup cans, for example, make great Dumbbells and the bottom of a dresser works great for holding your feet in place while doing sit ups. Videos and online episodes aren’t very expensive and can help motivate you, teach you new workouts, and demonstrate good form.

But exercise is half the battle, you have to consider diet as well.

Cook Your Meals
Buying prepared foods from a fitness company can also be pretty costly. To save money on your grocery bill, your best bet is to prepare your own meals. The great thing about cooking for yourself, is you choose what meals you are going to eat. To keep the temptation to over-eat at bay, it is best to limit the amount of groceries you buy to a week’s worth, or two meals a day. You can cook a lot of meals on the weekend before the work week and reheat easily for simple, less-time consuming meals you made sure are healthy beforehand.

Buy Healthy and Cheap
Staying away from starchy foods is necessary for losing weight as well. Brown breads, pastas, and rice can make any casserole, soup dish, and sandwich taste delicious, and gluten-free wheat products are even healthier. Klosterman Baking Company offers many different wheat and whole grain bread options to buy in bulk so you can save money on staples like healthy bread. Buying these foods in bulk is the key to saving money. Buying produce by the pound, and poultry that has not been cut up also saves you money on your diet.

Saving money on your weight loss plan takes as much effort as losing weight, and it is that effort that will pay off. Doing more of your aerobics and weight lifting outside the gym allows you to workout anytime you want, and preparing those must-have entrees yourself allows you to choose the ingredients that go into your food. Following these tips will not only help you get down to that ideal weight much sooner, but can help you take control of your life.


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