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Diet Different for Men and Women


The physical needs for the health diet are different for men and women. Like women, men also need special kinds of nutrients considering the specific needs of their body and age factor.  The healthy diet and essential nutrients along with the necessary exercise helps the men to protect them from the heart diseases and also helps their muscles to grow stronger and stronger. It is highly recommended from the physicians that the food that helps in cardiovascular functions of the body is also good for the erectile functions in men.

The quality nutrients required by men are also good for strengthening the immune system of the body, thus preventing muscle loss, bone loss and oxidative stress damages. The healthy diet nutrients for men are as given below each with the significant roles they play for the body functions;

Oysters as Essential nutrient:

The oysters are very essential nutrients that should be included in the diet plan of men. The daily intake of few oysters gives the daily replacement of important antioxidant zinc mineral. The researchers have shown that the zinc mineral is must to be taken in order to prevent the body from the cellular damage.

Bananas as energy and vitamin source:

Bananas are rich source of potassium mineral which is also an important mineral playing significant role in cellular functioning of the body. The need of potassium is to control heart beat, blood pressure and regulate nerve functions. It is also rich source of vitamin B-6.

Fatty Fish:

The healthy fats are necessary for the body. No diet plan is successful without the inclusion of omeg-3 fat components. The fatty fish is important to control the blood fats levels, beneficial for the heart functions and blood circulation. It is also important to note that fatty fish are also good source of vitamin D.


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